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Most important of all were the Pan-Germanism of Georg Schonerer and the racial theories of Guido von List, Lanz von Liebenfels, Hans Goldzier and Otto Weininger.
The new German-Russian rapprochement could now take place by reaching further back in time to the traditions of pan-Slavism and pan-Germanism of the nineteenth century.
German writer whose works were popular expressions of Pan-Germanism and helped to prepare the climate of opinion in Germany that embraced the nationalist and expansionist policies of Adolf Hitler.
Nor was this totally lost on contemporary statesmen, for as a representative of Chile observed in 1916: |Pan-Americanism as applied by Wilson aims at United States domination just as Pan-Germanism aims at Prussian control over Germany and even a larger area of Europe.
What had gone was the racism, pan-Germanism, the anti-modernism of pre-1945 Volksgeschichte.