Panaeva, Avdotia

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Panaeva, Avdot’ia Iakovlevna


(pen name N. Stani-tskii). Born July 31 (Aug. 12), in St. Petersburg died there Mar. 30 (Apr. 11), 1893. Russian writer.

The daughter of the actor la. G. Brianskii, Panaeva was married to I. I. Panaev. Her first, and best, work was the novella The Tal’nikov Family (1848), in which she described her difficult childhood. Banned by the censor, the work was praised by V. G. Belinskii.

Between 1847 and 1862, Panaeva edited the journal Sovremennik Together with N. A. Nekrasov, who became her common-law husband, she wrote the novels Three Countries of the World (1848–49) and The Dead Lake (1851). She was also the author of the novels A Woman’s Lot (1862) and Romance in the St. Petersburg Demimonde (1860). Panaeva’s well-known Recollections, published in 1889, present vivid, though sometimes biased, portraits of many writers. Many of Nekrasov’s lyric poems were addressed to Panaeva.


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