Panchanan Maheshwari

Maheshwari, Panchanan


Born Nov. 9, 1904, in Jaipur; died May 18, 1966, in Delhi. Indian botanist. Professor at Dacca University (from 1939) and Delhi University (from 1949).

Maheshwari’s works dealt with the comparative embryology of gymnosperms and angiosperms (together with his students, he studied representatives of 82 families), experimental embryology, plant tissue culture, and the history of botany in India. He created the Indian school of plant embryology and founded the International Society of Plant Morphologists and the journal Phytomorphology (1951). Maheshwari was a foreign member of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences.


In Russian translation:
Embriologiia pokrytosemennykh. Moscow, 1954.


Kapil, R. N. “Some Contributions of Prof. P. Maheshwari to Botany.” Phytomorphology, 1967, vol. 17, nos. 1-4. (Includes bibliography.)