Pancho Villa

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Villa, Pancho

(1878–1923) notorious Mexican bandit and revolutionary. [Mex. Hist.: EB, X: 435–436]
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De la misma manera hay una santificacion de Pancho Villa que se cuela entrelineas -como la afirmacion de Cifuentes-Goodbody de que Canutillo fue un experimento comunal exitoso, que no prueba con datos, aunque si existen y yo concuerde-, como si la propia figura del Centauro del Norte representada por Martin Luis Guzman se reificara.
Under the command of the Mexican revolutionary leader, Pancho Villa, several hundred Mexicans crossed the border and attacked the town of Columbus, New Mexico.
Pilots from the 1st Aero Squadron flew reconnaissance missions in support of General Pershing's pursuit of Pancho Villa's band in 1916.
Returning from a trip to Mexico for the annual celebration of the descendants of Pancho Villa, Hector decides to save time and avoid the long lines at the international border crossing by taking a bumpy back-road shortcut.
One striking example of a polyphonic performance is the character of Pancho Villa in Sabina Berman's critically and commercially successful play Entre Villa y una mujer desnuda (1993).
VILLA-NOUS LOOK: Colin Wilson, of Horsford Road, Cheylesmore, said: "Pancho Villa returns!"
Where are my guns?" demanded Pancho Villa, flamboyant bandit/ warrior of the Mexican revolution.
Once he crosses the border, his main company includes Tomas Arroyo, one of Pancho Villa's revolutionary generals, and Harriet Winslow, a young American schoolteacher.
Pancho Villa's, a US-based restaurant offering Mexican cuisine, has announced the installation of Tabbedout, a mobile payment app available on iPhone and Android smart phones.