Pancho Villa

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Villa, Pancho

(1878–1923) notorious Mexican bandit and revolutionary. [Mex. Hist.: EB, X: 435–436]
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4) Alejandro de Quesada, The Hunt for Pancho Villa 5 (2012).
Amid the many shops, in deference to the past, there's a statue of Pancho Villa charging on horseback.
Patton began his military career chasing Pancho Villa in 1915 and then moved on to France during WW I where he championed mechanized warfare.
A century later, revolutionary leader Pancho Villa tried to protect a few vineyards, but most were destroyed.
Then revolutionaries such as Pancho Villa, Victorianno Huerto, Felix Diaz, Emiliana Zapata, and Francisco Madeir stirred the country into a revolutionary frenzy.
Other nominees in the TV movie category: And Starring Pancho Villa as Himself, Something the Lord Made, Ike: Countdown to D-Day and The Lion in Winter.
Pancho Villa and his Division del Norte helped topple dictator Porfirio Diaz, which sparked the 1910-17 Mexican Revolution.
He had plenty of shots of Pancho Villa riding at the head of his victorious army, but little else.
Pershing's expedition to capture Pancho Villa later that year.
It is well known to those who've studied Patton's life that when he was a young man, he was part of General Pershing's "Punitive Expedition" to Mexico hunting Pancho Villa.