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More recently, studies have turned to determining effects of alcohol on the pancreatic duct cell, which is important for producing fluid secretion and carrying digestive enzymes secreted by the acinar cell into the gut lumen, where they are needed for meal digestion.
Cigarette smoking impairs pancreatic duct cell bicarbonate secretion.
Expression of survivin is correlated with cancer cell apoptosis and is involved in the development of human pancreatic duct cell tumors.
Washington, Nov 1 (ANI): A new study including an Indian-origin scientist has found that cigarette smoking may impair pancreatic duct cell function even after quitting, putting all smokers at risk of compromised digestive function regardless of age, gender and alcohol intake.
In the study, researchers from Centre for Pancreatic Disease at Brigham and Women's Hospital in Boston assessed pancreatic duct cell function in smokers and non-smokers (current and past).
The cancer type that arises from pancreatic duct cells has been less deadly when detected early.
The results could eventually lead to ways to repair damaged insulin-producing beta cells or pancreatic duct cells.
He said that by changing the growth conditions we can select two different fates for the stem cells and generate large numbers of either hormone-producing beta cells or pancreatic duct cells.
The results which could eventually lead to ways to repair damaged insulin-producing beta cells or pancreatic duct cells, were reported in The EMBO Journal.
Eosinophilic pan-nuclear inclusion bodies were frequently seen in acinar cells and pancreatic duct cells (Fig 2).
Testing the idea that adult pancreatic duct cells might be able to revert to multipotent cells, which then can differentiate into islet cells when appropriately stimulated, scientists at Harvard Medical School in Boston, MA digested human pancreatic tissue that normally is discarded after isolating islets.