Pandora's box

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Pandora’s box

contained all evils; opened up, evils escape to afflict world. [Rom. Myth.: Brewer Dictionary, 799]
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On your way to finding Pandora's Box you get to collect hint coins which can then be used to get a hint when you get stuck on a puzzle.
Unfortunately the template-like cover of Pandora's Box does nothing to encourage potential readers to buy the book and the uninspired graphic gives no clue to the content inside.
Pandora's Box lives on as a multilingual figure of speech: die Buchse der Pandora (German)/il vaso di Pandora (Italian) etc.
A: There are indeed a huge number of fab deals on the make-up counters at this time of year, but we're particularly impressed by this packed Pandora's box from Estee Lauder.
The trouble with such a regime is obvious from Cohen's account: Encouraging people to come to politics for themselves, and only for themselves, has the quality of opening Pandora's Box, and it becomes ever harder to maintain a sense of shared purpose and mutual obligation in the society, or to mount political actions that don't have a consumer rationale.
This Court's slim majority has opened a Pandora's box.
Overscaled, underscaled, beautiful, ghastly -- the market was like opening a Pandora's box of style.
Along with Simon Kerrison, Frances O'Brien, husband and wife Wilf and Margaret Sephton, plus Dave Geary, all from St Helens, she has written 10 stories for an anthology called Pandora's box.
A Pandora's box may have been opened recently when Napster founder Shawn Fanning called on "free" music fans to descend on our nation's capital and catch the attention of legislators holding hearings on online copyright issues.
But the availability of new names has reached the point of no return: the introduction of one new suffix is like a Pandora's Box, as it opens the door to millions of new names.
If I ever heard of a Pandora's box, this sounds like it.
Woman seeking to know more than she should" is the thematic hook on which hangs Pandora's Box, a d'Amboise premiere.