Panguni Uttiram

Panguni Uttiram (Panguni Uthiram)

March-April; 10 days including full moon day of Hindu month of Caitra
The full moon day of Caitra is the day on which the Hindu god Shiva married the goddess Meenakshi at Madura, Indonesia. The 10-day Hindu festival that follows also celebrates the marriage of Subramanya to Theivanai, adopted daughter of Indra.
Panguni Uttiram is a popular festival in Malaysia, where the worship of Subramanya is widespread. There are fairs on the temple grounds and processions in which Hindu gods and goddesses are carried through the streets in chariots. In Kuala Lumpur, Subramanya and his consort are taken from the Sentul temple in an elaborately decorated chariot through the city streets. Free meals are served throughout the day to visitors. At Bukit Mertajam, a fire-walking ceremony is held on this day.
In India, this festival is known as Meenakshi Kalyanam.
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