Panin-Kolomenkin, Nikolai

Panin-Kolomenkin, Nikolai Aleksandrovich


(real surname Kolomenkin). Born Dec. 27, 1871 (Jan. 8, 1872), in the village of Khrenovoe, in what is now Bobrov Raion, Voronezh Oblast; died Jan. 19, 1956, in Leningrad. Soviet Russian athlete, coach, and teacher. Candidate of the pedagogical sciences (1938). Honored Master of Sports (1940).

Panin-Kolomenkin, prerevolutionary Russia’s sole holder of an Olympic gold medal (1908), was five-time champion of Russia (1902–07) and prize winner at world (1903) and European (1904 and 1908) championships in figure skating. He was champion of Russia in pistol shooting 12 times between 1906 and 1917. During the first years of Soviet power, he worked in organizations of universal military training. In the beginning of the 1930’s he began coaching figure skating in sports clubs and at the Institute for Physical Culture in Leningrad. He also worked at the Leningrad Scientific Research Institute for Physical Culture.


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