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river: see Amu DaryaAmu Darya
or Amudarya
, river, c.1,600 mi (2,580 km) long, formed by the junction of the Vakhsh and Pandj rivers, which rise in the Pamir Mts. of central Asia.
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The jade colored waters of the Panj steadily flow west until they converge with those of the Vakhsh, thereafter forming the greatest river of Central Asia, the Amudarya, which flows through Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan, eventually spilling into the Aral Sea.
Northern Route; passing along Panj and Pamir Rivers in north through Zorkul Lake to Asku River in China.
The first route (Route 7) of 720 km begins at Moskovskij, Tajikistan, the easternmost town of the Turanian lowlands at the Panj River.
There are about 40 to 50 (depending on how one counts) Darwazi villages along the river Panj, and a few more inland, near to the river Panj.
Operation Omid Panj - meaning Hope Five - is the biggest launched by Afghan soldiers so far and should eventually pave the way for British soldiers to come home.
Operation Omid Panj - meaning Hope Five - is the biggest launched by Afghan soldiers so far and wi l l pave the way for British soldiers eventually to come back to the UK.
Military cooperation between Dushanbe and Washington already boasts a number of beneficial programs, including the construction of the $35 million Panj bridge, connecting Tajikistan with Afghanistan, and the possible purchase of a $1.
Around 5,000 Railways employees and labourers were present at his funeral prayers held outside Panj Pir Darbar near Lal Pul.
Each parade was led by five Sikhs in traditional dress who represented the original Panj Pyare (Beloved Ones) who were the first to join the Sikh order over 300 years ago.
Afghan officials are said to be optimistic about increased trade with Central Asia now that a new bridge has opened (October 2007) over the Panj River, connecting Afghanistan and Tajikistan.
The road from Mashhad to Herat, Herat to Mazar Sherif, Mazar Sherif to Konduz and Panj Payan in Tajikistan, is one of the most important issues to be discussed in the meeting.