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Vascularization accompanied by deposition of connective tissue beneath the cornal epithelium.
Overgrowth of connective tissue on the articular surface of a diarthrodial joint.
Numerous cloud shreds below the main cloud; may constitute a layer separated from the main part of the cloud or attached to it.
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a morbid condition of the limbus and cornea of the eye resulting from a local chronic inflammation. It occurs most often in conjunction with trachoma but may also develop with tubercular-allergic keratoconjunctivitis. The infiltrate formed beneath the epithelium of the cornea is replaced by scar tissue; this causes a significant decrease in vision. Treatment consists of eliminating the primary disease. In the case of trachomatous pannus, surgery is recommended.

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As for other types of arthritis, similar features have also been confirmed, such as vascularization, focal hyperemia, hypertrophic lining, and pannus, which are all found in the samples of PsA.[sup][40] In PsA, researchers observed the proliferation of tortuous vessels from early phases to chronic courses.[sup][40],[41]
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To assess bladder volume, the abdominal (or cardiac) probe is placed above the symphysis pubis (under the pannus with obesity) and directed caudally towards the prostate or cervix to visualize and measure the maximum transverse and longitudinal bladder diameters (Figure 4).
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Slit lamp exam showed severe bilateral conjunctival injection, corneal pannus associated with inferonasal peripheral corneal thinning, and stromal scarring.