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Clothing generally represents the roles that we play in life and how others perceive us. If putting on pants or changing your pants, plays a major part in your dream you may be questioning your role at work, home, or in any other area of life. The physical look of the pants, who is wearing them, and the emotional content of the dream will give you clues to its meaning. If you were trying to cover up your genitalia, then the dream may be bringing up sexual issues.
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KARACHI -- The investigation police, with the help of Citizens Police Liaison Committee (CPLC), arrested on Tuesday a shopkeeper of Zainab Market and two brokers involved in the theft of 8,000 export quality pants worth millions of rupees.
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Unlike, K-C's product, Moony was not designed to be used just as a training pant; in fact many of the users were even too young to be potty trained.
For comfort and mobility, women can pair the Artemis with Prois' new Adventure Pants. These pants were created by women for women, and are designed to carry through a multitude of tasks, from a day at the range to a day in the field.
Pant was cremated without any state honours as his family preferred a private mourning.
Take fear, for example: dogs afraid of thunderstorms usually pant heavily, often walking with a crouch seeking places to hide.
One option proposes the Tan Y Marian home, which currently houses five people, would be upgraded while Pant yr Eithin would be closed and the land used for other purposes.
Dresses had been dominant for several seasons - there is appeal in an effortless uniform, after all - but pants are powerful, utilitarian and versatile, and that seems to be what women are craving this style cycle.
Q MY 12 year old retriever Billy pants a lot and breathes very fast even when resting.
Mother cats may pant after giving birth because of the heat and stress associated with the exertion from labor.