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see commedia dell'artecommedia dell'arte
, popular form of comedy employing improvised dialogue and masked characters that flourished in Italy from the 16th to the 18th cent. Characters of the Commedia Dell'Arte
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Let's take the example of Pantaloon Retail and Jain Irrigation.
The transaction will help Pantaloon Retail reduce its debt by Rs 1,600 crore, something that has crippled the retailer over the last few years.
CRISIL's rating takes into account the weak financial risk profile of the SRPL-EEDPL combine, which was partly compensated for by long-term lease contract with Pantaloon.
Her designs have seen reflections of unique forms of traditional wear like kimonos, saris, even pantaloons.
It's not a sight you see very often in the 21st century: Seventy five women, dressed in lace-hemmed pantaloons and carrying provocative signs:
Pantaloon is a part of the Futures Group, which operates a large business in retail together with businesses in hospitality, leisure, logistics and services.
The agreement establishes a platform for Staples to enter the $10 billion office products market in India and allows Pantaloon to benefit from the industry expertise and sourcing network of the world's largest office products company, Staples said.
Fischer's Pantaloons and Power tells the cultural history of the short-lived pantaloon trend.
The great stereotypes, Pantaloon, Doctor Lombardi Brighella the chef, the lovers, buffoons and impudent servants make the evening into an uproarious event with everybody dashing in and out of doors like the Keystone Cops.
In French theater the character became a lady's maid and intrigant and assumed a variety of roles opposite Pantaloon (Pantalone), Harlequin (Arlecchino), and Pierrot (Pedrolino).
Set in Faulkner's mythical Yoknapatawpha County, the stories are unified by a common theme, the ritual of the hunt -- whether it be a hunt for Old Ben in " The Bear, " for the lovesick black in " Was, " for buried gold in " The Fire and the Hearth, " or for the black killer in " Pantaloon in Black.