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see BaodingBaoding
or Paoting
, city (1994 est. pop. 519,200), central Hebei prov., China. It is a port on the Fu River and an agricultural distribution center, with food-processing and variety of other light industries. Baoding was the capital of Zhili prov. and then Hebei prov.
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, China.


, Paoting, Pao-ting
a city in NE China, in N Hebei province. Pop.: 810 000 (2005 est.).
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Born to a prosperous rural family in Chekiang (Zhejiang) (October 31, 1887); he is known under the Cantonese dialect pronunciation of his name; received a classical education, but decided to become a soldier when the civil service examination system was suspended (1905); attended the Paoting (Baoding) Military Academy in northern China (1906); studied at the Japanese Military Academy (1907-1911); deserted from the Japanese army and returned to China after the revolution at Wuhan (October 10, 1911); led an uprising in Chekiang (November 5); unemployed after Sun Yat-sen's alliance with Gen.
Birth and origins unknown, but he was a cloth peddler whom economic hardship compelled to join the Ching Imperial armies; a promising soldier, he was sent to the Paoting (Baoding) Military Academy; commissioned an officer, he was assigned to Gen.