Pap smear

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Pap smear:

see Pap testPap test,
 Pap smear,
or Papanicolaou test
, medical procedure used to detect cancer of the uterine cervix (see uterus). A scraping, brushing, or smear, is taken from the surface of the vagina or cervix and is prepared on a slide and stained for
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In comparison, the Pap smear only detected 25 percent of the cancers, and the HPV test detected 50 percent.
Accordingly, it is recommended that females who are having sexual exposure should undergo regular Pap smear testing.
Pap smears only detected 25% of the cancers, while the HPV test found 50%.
In this article, we describe Pap smear volumes and adequacy rates (proportion of samples with a representative endocervical component) for the pre-intervention period, as well as after each QI step.
These articles had used at least one method (Direct smear, culture, PCR, Pap smear) for epidemiological study in different parts of Iran.
The declines in Pap smear use occurred among all age groups, dropping from 84.9% in 2000 to 76.1% in 2015 for those aged 18-44 years and from 84.6% to 75.5% among 45- to 64-year-olds, with the same pattern seen in all of the narrower age subsegments.
Pap smear and Barriers to Screening Test in Pakistan
They found that while rates of timely mammograms did not differ significantly between the groups, lesbians were 25 percent less likely to get a timely Pap smear than both heterosexual and bisexual women.
People over 65 can stop getting regular Paps if three consecutive Pap smears have normal results.
All women confirmed positive for HIV, aged 65 years or older, with one or more Pap smear results after the age of 65, were included in the study.
Most studies in anal cytology have focused on correlating the abnormal anal Pap smear with histopathologic outcome and have not provided any follow-up on unsatisfactory anal Pap smears.
Leonila Dans of Clinical Epidemiology in University of the Philippines-College of Medicine, the latest study revealed that both "pap smear plus HPV vaccine" and "pap smear alone" has same effect to women.