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Pap test,


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Papanicolaou test

(păp'ənē`kəlou), medical procedure used to detect cancer of the uterine cervix (see uterusuterus,
in most female mammals, hollow muscular organ in which the fetus develops and from which it is delivered at the end of pregnancy. The human uterus is pear-shaped and about 3 in. (7.
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). A scraping, brushing, or smear, is taken from the surface of the vagina or cervix and is prepared on a slide and stained for microscopic examination and cytological analysis. The appearance of the cells determines whether they are normal, suspicious, or cancerous. Although the test is 80% to 95% reliable, results termed suspicious may indicate infection or some abnormal condition other than cancer. A DNA test for the human papillomovirushuman papillomavirus
(HPV), any of a family of more than 100 viruses that cause various growths, including plantar warts and genital warts, a sexually transmitted disease. Genital warts, sometimes called condylomata acuminata, are soft and often occur in clusters.
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, which causes cervical cancer, may be used to supplement or replace the Pap test. The smear technique is also used to detect cancer of other tissues, e.g., in the bladder. The Pap test was developed by G. N. Papanicolaou and H. F. Traut in 1943.

Pap test

[′pap ‚test]

Pap test

, smear Med
a similar test for precancerous cells in other organs
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In actual practice, participants have more information about the clinical status of the patient, such as the clinic of reference (colposcopy, well-women clinics), the human papillomavirus status of the patient, and history of prior abnormal Pap test results.
The purpose of a Pap test is as a screening test, which are designed to detect disease in asymptomatic individuals.
"The Pap test is the primary mode for cervical cancer screening for women with HIV aged <30 years.
It is, thus, important to get take preventive measures and get Pap tests done.
More than half of those women have never had a Pap test, so we cant totally eliminate screening.
But there's a growing number of physicians arguing Pap tests should be part of routine screenings for anyone who has anal sex.
We are aware of no studies that examine the effects of state insurance benefit mandates requiring coverage of Pap tests. The absence of a substantial literature on the utilization effects of Pap test mandates is striking given that Pap tests are one of the most commonly mandated benefits (Bunce and Wieske 2008).
The ability of the Pap test to identify precancerous cells is the foundation of the success of cervical screening.
Pap tests are to be offered with a 50 per cent discount on Friday to mark European Cervical Cancer Prevention Week, which began on Monday.
The Pap test detects precancerous lesions and can identify cervical cancer before it becomes advanced.
Because persistent infection with high-risk strains of HPV can be a predictor of the presence or future development of preinvasive and cervical cancer, many medical professionals now also test for this virus as an adjunct to the Pap test. The U.S.
Electronic medical records allow for easy reminders on what procedures are pending for our patients so we can easily tell who is due for a mammogram or a Pap test. As far as program effectiveness, we randomize the data to maintain anonymity of patients and allow program funders to examine the results.