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Duvalier, François


Born Apr. 14, 1907, in Port-au-Prince; died there Apr. 22, 1971. Haitian statesman and politician.

In 1932, Duvalier graduated from the medical faculty of the University of Haiti. From 1932 to 1954 he worked in various medical institutions in his country, including several American medical missions. Until 1957 he was under-minister of labor and thereafter minister of labor and public health. In 1957 he made every effort to be elected president of Haiti. Duvalier established a bloody dictatorship, ruling with the support of detachments of Tonton Macoutes (his personal bodyguard) and the police. In 1964 he had the National Assembly enact a law making him president for life. Before his death he bestowed the presidency upon his son.


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Papa Doc habia casado a su hijo con una mulata proveniente de una familia rica, como una forma de unificar a las dos clases, mulatos y negros ricos.
Why, in Haiti, nearly everyone is white,' Papa Doc replied confidently.
Papa Doc is said to have observed torture sessions through a peephole in the presidential palace which he never left.
He had been first elected by a huge margin in 1990, but was then overthrown seven months later, in 1991, in a coup d'etat carried out by Haitian Army officers formerly loyal to the preceding murderous dictatorships of Papa Doc Duvalier and his son, Baby Doc.
But if he made the world seem an impossibly glamorous place he also took on the terrors as well, interviewing the notorious Haiti dictator Papa Doc and putting it to him that he had "the worst international reputation of any president".
Reigning king of the rap circuit Papa Doc (Mackie) doesn't take kindly to Jimmy Smith elbowing in on his turf, instigating a bitter rivalry between the two men.
Edward Said to his credit long ago expressed a secular wish for a Palestinian Mandela, instead of the Papa Doc figure who now leads a hideously misgoverned people.
He also wrote the foreword to Papa Doc and the Tonton Macoutes.
At dinner, if you wanted to clear the table of Haitians, all you had to do was ask them for an opinion of Papa Doc Duvalier.
1 Charles Manson was convicted of the Tate murders 2 Idi Amin seized power in Uganda 3 David Bowie headlined at Glastonbury for the first time 4 Baby Doc succeeded Papa Doc in Haiti impossipuzzles "Yes, five children, two boys and three girls," said Paul.
In which country did Papa Doc and Baby Doc have a reign of terror?
Baby Doc had taken overaged 19 from his father Papa Doc Duvalier in 1971 but went into exile in France after a revolt in 1986.