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Duvalier, François


Born Apr. 14, 1907, in Port-au-Prince; died there Apr. 22, 1971. Haitian statesman and politician.

In 1932, Duvalier graduated from the medical faculty of the University of Haiti. From 1932 to 1954 he worked in various medical institutions in his country, including several American medical missions. Until 1957 he was under-minister of labor and thereafter minister of labor and public health. In 1957 he made every effort to be elected president of Haiti. Duvalier established a bloody dictatorship, ruling with the support of detachments of Tonton Macoutes (his personal bodyguard) and the police. In 1964 he had the National Assembly enact a law making him president for life. Before his death he bestowed the presidency upon his son.


Diederich, B., and A. Burt. Papa Doc: Haiti and Its Dictator. London, 1970.
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Defnyddiai ddau arf i ddychryn ei bobl sef y Vodou a'r Tonton Macoutes, criw elwid yn filwyr marwolaeth a chafodd cannoedd ar gannoedd eu lladd ganddynt ar orchymyn a chyda bendith Papa Doc.
BORN SIR John Gielgud, actor, 1904, above ROBERT Carlyle, film actor, 1961 PAPA Doc Duvalier, politician, 1907 DIED GEORGE Frideric Handel, composer, 1759 ERNEST Bevin, English politician, 1951, above SIMONE de Beauvoir, French writer, 1986
The leader known as Papa Doc held himself in such high esteem that he had the Lord's Prayer amended to praise him and portrayed himself on a par with God and Jesus.
1 Charles Manson was convicted of the Tate murders 2 Idi Amin seized power in Uganda 3 Opportunity Knocks topped the TV ratings 4 Baby Doc Duvalier succeeded his father Papa Doc in Haiti wordwise The word may sound familiar, but what does it mean?
Also featured is Mussolini, Italy's wartime fascist leader; alazar, erstwhile military strongman of Portugal; Idi Amin of Uganda; Franco of Spain and Papa Doc of Haiti.
Graham Greene's novel The Comedians, set in the Haiti of the dictatorship of Papa Doc, gives some support to the artist's hope that "a writer is not so powerless as he usually feels and a pen, as well as a silver bullet, can draw blood.
Both countries encouraged the Papa Doc dictatorship - followed by his son Baby Doc - that stole billions of dollars (which they sank into French and US real estate and spent in the casinos and bordellos of the west).
Further instances of personal high-level interaction include an almost macabre visit to Papa Doc Duvalier's lying-in-state in Port-au-Prince following his death in 1971.
Reigning king of the rap circuit Papa Doc doesn't take kindly to Jimmy Smith elbowing in on his turf, instigating a bitter rivalry between the two men.
His multi-award winning documentary about the Haitian dictator Papa Doc Duvalier, who ruled his Caribbean island with his Ton Ton Macoute bodyguards and the threat of voodoo, was nail-biting even for viewers.
His nickname derives from his being the son of FranE*ois Duvalier, known as Papa Doc, a much feared dictator in the 1950s and '60s.
This week he catches up with a Hollywood plastic surgeon and his wife who he met 30 years ago, and re-examines the interview with Haitian dictator Papa Doc that won him the prestigious Dumont Award.