François Duvalier

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Duvalier, François


Born Apr. 14, 1907, in Port-au-Prince; died there Apr. 22, 1971. Haitian statesman and politician.

In 1932, Duvalier graduated from the medical faculty of the University of Haiti. From 1932 to 1954 he worked in various medical institutions in his country, including several American medical missions. Until 1957 he was under-minister of labor and thereafter minister of labor and public health. In 1957 he made every effort to be elected president of Haiti. Duvalier established a bloody dictatorship, ruling with the support of detachments of Tonton Macoutes (his personal bodyguard) and the police. In 1964 he had the National Assembly enact a law making him president for life. Before his death he bestowed the presidency upon his son.


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Baby Doc had taken overaged 19 from his father Papa Doc Duvalier in 1971 but went into exile in France after a revolt in 1986.
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