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Pap smear:

see Pap testPap test,
 Pap smear,
or Papanicolaou test
, medical procedure used to detect cancer of the uterine cervix (see uterus). A scraping, brushing, or smear, is taken from the surface of the vagina or cervix and is prepared on a slide and stained for
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A false-negative Papanicolaou smear result is defined as "the failure to demonstrate abnormality by Papanicolaou examination in a woman who has disease".
The Papanicolaou smear was nondiagnostic, but the Wright-Giemsa stain was richly cellular and populated by three components: (1) numerous osteoclast-like multinuclear giant cells, (2) multiple malignant-appearing mononuclear and multinuclear cells, and (3) broad, tightly cohesive, flat sheets of large polygonal epithelial cells (figure 1):
To be eligible, they had to have an endometrial thickness of <6 mm, pass a Papanicolaou smear test and have no history of cervical cancer.
Cervical HPV infection can be observed by the Papanicolaou smear. It is a superficial or intermediate mature squamous cell that it is characterized by a large peri nuclear cavity associated with a peripheral rim of thickened cytoplasm.
increasing gravidity, greater number of sexual partners, and tobacco use) with an abnormal Papanicolaou smear. Possible explanations include a type II error due to the small number of patients with an abnormal cervical cytology test, a lack of statistical power, sampling bias, and absent data.
The purpose of the Papanicolaou smear test is to detect the precancerous cervix lesions before they become invasive cancer.
A comparison of colposcopy and papanicolaou smear: Sensitivity, specificity and predictive value.
Empiric treatment of minimally abnormal Papanicolaou smear with 0.75% metronidazole gel.
Quality assurance in cervical cytology: The Papanicolaou smear. JAMA 262: 12, 1989.