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(pā`pər-məshā`), art material made of paper strips soaked in a binder of starch or flour paste; it dries into a firm, hard substance. Papier-mâché is widely used in the production of decorative objects and sculptures of great lightness, delicacy, and strength.


A material used for model making composed principally of paper; prepared by pulping a mass of paper and adding glue, to produce a dough-like consistency, and molding it into a desired form.



(literally “chewed paper”), an easily molded mass made from such fibrous materials as paper and cardboard, usually with the addition of glue, starch, or plaster of paris. Toys, teaching aids, molds, theatrical props, small chests, and boxes are made from papier-mâché. These articles are frequently painted, lacquered, or stamped.


A material composed principally of paper; usually prepared by pulping a mass of paper (sometimes glue is added) to a dough-like consistency and molding to a desired form.
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Instant Paper mache is so easy to use as it only requires some water to be added and it is ready to be sculpted or applied to any surface immediately.
Celebrating an ancient Mexican folk tradition of regarding the skeleton figure as a beloved, familiar friend or clown, "Mi Familia Calaca/ My Skeleton Family" represents the complete skeleton family in colorful pictures of creative paper mache statues or figures, each with a cheerful smiling skull.
I only got to meet Chris very briefly that day - two or three minutes tops - before the paper mache head went on and Frank took over - but he was a lovely bloke.
While the remaining course comprises the training on creative paintings on objects, paper mache, decopage, knife paintings, portraits, landscapes and semi abstract.
But I can still remember being laughed at during my awkward mullet-sporting teenage years for going to see heavy metal goblin Ronnie James Dio at a gig in Newport during which he brought a fairly unconvincing giant paper mache spider on stage to vanquish with his sub-operatic squawking.
His nominated work includes rocking paper mache egg-men and sinister-looking naked dolls.
Ask parents to donate some old clothing, and instead of using a store mask, create a paper mache mask to personalize your school ghoul.
These candle holders are an example of how versatile and accessible paper mache can be There's such a wide variety of colors and u textures available in fiber and tissue papers that you'll Be hard-pressed not to find something to spark your imagination.
The animals in Buenos Aires have been given paper mache bunnies and eggs filled with their favourite foods.
Balloons, face painting, educative arts and crafts such as paper mache, personalized bag making with the adorable Modhesh and a host of other activities in the comfortable activity area specially set up for the party.
99), complete with eight snapstix; 16 knives, forks, and spoons (48 total pieces); 16 seven- and nine-inch plates (32 total); and the keepsake paper mache round box.
Artists will have on display a variety of mediums including fabric, clay, paper mache, watercolor, acrylic, collage, photography, mosaic, metal, stone, bone, driftwood, dead amphibians and found objects.