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(pā`pər-məshā`), art material made of paper strips soaked in a binder of starch or flour paste; it dries into a firm, hard substance. Papier-mâché is widely used in the production of decorative objects and sculptures of great lightness, delicacy, and strength.


A material used for model making composed principally of paper; prepared by pulping a mass of paper and adding glue, to produce a dough-like consistency, and molding it into a desired form.



(literally “chewed paper”), an easily molded mass made from such fibrous materials as paper and cardboard, usually with the addition of glue, starch, or plaster of paris. Toys, teaching aids, molds, theatrical props, small chests, and boxes are made from papier-mâché. These articles are frequently painted, lacquered, or stamped.


A material composed principally of paper; usually prepared by pulping a mass of paper (sometimes glue is added) to a dough-like consistency and molding to a desired form.
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They presented him with special thank-you gifts from the children, brightly painted paper-mache bowls they had crafted.
Frank - the bizarre first trailer for which recently appeared online - is the darkly comic tale of young wannabe musician who joins a band of eccentric pop musicians led by a enigmatic singer - played by Oscarnominated heart-throb Michael Fassbender - who keeps his identity hidden underneath a giant paper-mache head at all times.
In the 60's Major League Baseball got into the act by giving away the cherubic face characters made of paper-mache at various ball games.
The Frank 'drought' is over, as the sharp-suited paper-mache head prepares for shows at Southport Theatre and the Theatre Royal, St Helens.
Christmas in July means paper-mache: Children in the Oakridge-Westfir area have been working since July 8 to make paper-mache ornaments for America's Holiday Tree, which will come from the Umpqua National Forest and land in the nation's capitol at Christmastime.
The giant MoonPie features 1,500 golf ball-size clear lights, eight sheets of 2-by-2 square aluminum tubing, ten sheets of plywood and a massive amount of banana-colored paper-mache.
In her own work, Judith combines a variety of techniques including machine embroidery, marbling, stencilling, applique, quilting and paper-mache.