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A solid circumscribed elevation of the skin varying from less than 0.1 to 1 centimeter in diameter.



a nodular elevation of the skin; an element of a skin rash. Papules accompany certain diseases of the skin and mucous membranes. They occur in different sizes, colors, and consistencies; in shape they may be conical, hemispheric, or flat. Inflammatory papules indicate the presence in the skin of an infiltrate, as in syphilis. An example of noninflammatory papules is the thickening of the epidermis in warts.

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Treatments include antihistamine tablets taken orally to relieve pruritus and corticosteroid creams that are applied to the papules (Karppinen et al.
The mucosal erosions were painful, and some skin papules formed small pustules (Figure 1, panel E).
He had a cat scratch 9 days before; the skin papule appeared 1 day before he sought treatment.
The inside cheeks (buccal mucosa) characteristically have silverwhite, pin-sized papules in a lacelike distribution.
A non-tender, nonpruritic eschar that measured 1 cm x 1 cm was visible on his right lower extremity (Figure 1) along with [approximately equal to]15 nontender, nonpruritic papules on his torso, upper arms, and legs (Figure 2).
A 4 mm smooth papule projected from the proximal nail fold of her left second toe, and a longitudinal groove on a fingernail could be traced to an additional proximal nail fold papule.
Usually localized at the site of inoculation, CPXV lesions progress from a papule through vesiculation and pustulation into an ulcerative nodule, which is covered with an elevated border with a black eschar.
A second Novartis-sponsored study showed that genital herpes lesions could be halted at the papule stage in about one of every four patients taking 1,000 mg of famciclovir in divided doses during the first day they recognized prodromal symptoms.
Over the next 2 days, thigh tenderness and a papule developed at the site of the original discomfort.
The lesion first appeared as a small papule and was diagnosed clinically at another institution as a probable furuncle.
Typically the disease starts out as a single erythematous papule or wheal that begins within hours or as long as 10-12 days after exposure to anthrax spores.