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two books of the Bible, originally a single work in the Hebrew canon (the final book of that canon), called First and Second Chronicles in the Authorized Version, and called First and Second Paralipomenon in the Septuagint and in the Vulgate.
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Not until 1851, with the publication (in two volumes) of the somewhat gracelessly named Parerga und Paralipomena, did he begin to attract the kind of attention he craved.
El termino fue acunado por Johannes Kepler, quien en su Ad Vitellionem Paralipomena (1604), describe su funcionamiento y las bases para desarrollar el telescopio y, siglos mas tarde, la fotografia; tambien la usaron los paisajistas para trazar panoramicas.
It is worth recalling at the outset that Schopenhauer's popularity in Britain and on the Continent reached a peak in the 1870s and 1880s, particularly with the publication of his collected essays, the rather forbiddingly titled Parerga und Paralipomena, and by the early 1890s the American philosopher Josiah Royce could claim that "the name of Schopenhauer is better known to most general readers, in our day, than is that of any other modern Continental metaphysician, except Kant" (228).
En sus obras Parerga y Paralipomena y El amor, las mujeres y la muerte, Schopenhauer considera el problema de las relaciones entre el aburrimiento y la voluntad.
Por eso en los Parerga y Paralipomena I se puede leer: "Pero dentro de las teorias de Empedocles es digno de observar ante todo su declarado pesimismo.
De Arthur Schopenhauer, hallamos un ejemplar de 1911 de Sobre la cuadruple raiz del principio de raiz suficiente y otro de Parerga et Paralipomena.
The translation renders the last part of Chapter 10 from Parerga and Paralipomena (vol.
While many of these essays have been printed elsewhere, either partially or in their entirety, Hunter, Harriet Knight, and Charles Littleton undertook a valuable analysis and reconstruction of Boyle's unfinished Paralipomena which is published here for the first time.
El filosofo del pesimismo la menciona (6) en Parerga y Paralipomena, en un capitulo titulado "Sobre la etica", donde dice: