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two books of the Bible, originally a single work in the Hebrew canon (the final book of that canon), called First and Second Chronicles in the Authorized Version, and called First and Second Paralipomenon in the Septuagint and in the Vulgate.
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translations of selections from Parerga and Paralipomena by Charles Josefe in vols.
While many of these essays have been printed elsewhere, either partially or in their entirety, Hunter, Harriet Knight, and Charles Littleton undertook a valuable analysis and reconstruction of Boyle's unfinished Paralipomena which is published here for the first time.
Pessimists responded with a view of existence summed up by one of the aphorisms in Schopenhauer's Parerga und Paralipomena of 1851: 'No rose without a thorn.
The Paralipomena date to a period after Pachomius's death, the late fourth through fifth centuries--a time roughly parallel to Shenoute's lifespan.
In this context it is rewarding to note that the author supplements these novels, which are based on the relativity theory, with various "consequential data" and "workpoints," materials and paralipomena which, as he explains in a preface to the fourth volume, Clea, constitute "a number of possible ways of continuing to deploy these characters and situations in further instalments" (Author's Note).
Paralipomena sluit materiaal in soos raamwerke wat die outeur opgestel hetvir die volgorde van hoofstukke in 'n roman of vir gedigte in 'n reeks, skemas oor familieverbande tussen karakters, lysies rymwoorde, en tekeninge.