Parallel Flow

parallel flow

[′par·ə‚lel ′flō]
Also known as loop flow.
The flow of electric current from one point to another in an electric network over multiple paths, in accordance with Kirchhoff's laws.
In particular, the flow of electric current through electric power systems over paths other than the contractual path.
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Parallel Flow


a pattern of movement of working liquids or gases in a heat exchanger whereby fluids divided by a wall flow in identical directions; the heat transfer occurs through the wall. With parallel flow the average temperature difference between the working liquids is substantially less than with counterflow, especially if the temperature difference at the outlet side is small. However, in a number of cases this pattern makes it possible to obtain lower wall temperatures than are obtained with counterflow.

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They showed that cooling performance of an optimized microchannel heat sink subject to an impinging jet is enhanced by about 21% compared to that of the optimized microchannel heat sink with a parallel flow.
In this paper are considered the most common arrangements for flow path inside the heat exchanger: counter flow and parallel flow, like in figure 1.
In this paper, we discuss the problem of oscillating flow of a viscous incompressible fluid in a circular horizontal pipe with adverse pressure gradient under the assumption of parallel flow to the axis of the pipe.
"The new graphics processing unit and 5D Parallel Flow capabilities in Moldflow 2010 will allow us to take maximum advantage of our computing power."
Positioned on a parallel flow belt conveyor, the cartons ate transported and filled in continuous motion.
The oversized cooling system has a parallel flow system with six Next Generation Modular Radiator (NGMR) cores.
Throughput time of the heavy shale oil film in the pipe of the air cooler-condenser at parallel flow process:
When a single-phase fluid flowing continuously at steady state is split into N parallel flow paths, which then recombine at a common destination, as illustrated schematically in Figure 1, the requirement that the pressure drop be identical through each of the paths results in a uniform distribution of the fluid, i.e., we expect a fraction of (1/N) to pass through each of the separate channels.
Topics include micro and meso scale compact heat exchangers in electronics thermal management, high temperature heat exchangers, design considerations for compact ceramic offset strip-fin high temperature heat exchanges, compact heat exchangers for microturbines, R134a flow boiling heat transfer in small diameter tubes, entrace and wall conduction efforts in parallel flow heat exchangers, effects of flow channel variations due to manufacturing and fouling on hear exchanger performance, aspects of two-phase flow distribution at the header-channels assembly, and power spectra and Strouhal number distributions for turbulent full-developed flows in rectangular ducts with spatially-periodic plate inserts.
The helical coil tubes are compartmented within the shell so that all entrained liquids and/or solids entering with the gas are forced to pass in parallel flow through the helical coil tubes.
The parallel flow of the feed stream, combined with the boundary layer turbulence created by the crossflow velocity, continually sweeps away particles and other material that would otherwise build up on the membrane surface.

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