Parallel Virtual Machine

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Parallel Virtual Machine

(parallel, networking, tool)
(PVM) 1. A software system designed to allow a network of heterogeneous machines to be used as a single distributed parallel processor.

PVM was developed by the University of Tennessee, The Oak Ridge National Laboratory and the Emory University.

Usenet newsgroup: news:comp.parallel.pvm.

2. The intermediate language used by the Gambit compiler for Scheme.

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Figure 4 shows an alternative support to implement our particular application on the Parallel Virtual Machine.
The C programming model provides portability to other platforms, using a highly optimized Parallel Virtual Machine (PVM) implementation of message passing.
Ridge National Laboratory, the developer of the Parallel Virtual Machine networking software, to develop applications optimized for the shared
We've focused on providing the most advanced analytic content including in-database parallel virtual machines, geospatial capabilities and native bi-temporal support.

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