Parallels Desktop

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Parallels Desktop

(Parallels Desktop for Mac) Virtual machine software from Parallels, Inc., Renton, WA ( that allows Windows, Linux and other operating systems to run in an Intel-based Mac. In 2006, Mac computers began shipping with Intel x86 CPU chips, enabling Windows to run natively in the machine. Parallels also supports OpenGL 3D, the graphics language used in many high-end games. See virtual machine.

Windows on the Mac Desktop
In the Mac, Windows can run full screen or in a window on the desktop. However, Parallels' "Coherence" is the smoothest mode of operation. Windows applications run in individual windows intermixed on the desktop with Mac applications. When minimized, Windows apps appear in the Mac Dock along with the Mac apps. The Windows Start menu can be set to autohide, leaving no trace of the Windows OS on the Mac desktop.

Import a Windows Machine - Switch to Mac
Parallels Desktop comes with a migration utility that can move the entire contents of a Windows PC to a Parallels virtual machine in the Mac. It can also convert virtual machines from VMware and Microsoft to a Parallels virtual machine.

The Switch to Mac Edition of Parallels includes a USB transfer cable that connects the Windows and Mac machines together for the migration. See Boot Camp, Virtual PC, VMware Fusion and Parallels Workstation.

Seamless Integration
In Coherence mode, Mac applications and Windows applications exist side-by-side on the Mac desktop, providing seamless integration of the two environments.
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'Parallels made significant investments to support Apple Metal API, so today our customers can enjoy the fastest and most efficient version of Parallels Desktop to date,' said Nick Dobrovolskiy, Senior Vice President, Engineering and Support at Parallels.
Preconfigured Touch Bar sets for the following applications have been added to Parallels Desktop 14: Microsoft Visio and OneNote, SketchUp, AutoCAD, Revit, Quicken, QuickBooks and Visual Studio.
The full scope of the Parallels Desktop 12 upgrade is listed below.
Developers, designers and power users are one of the biggest audiences among our millions of Parallels Desktop for Mac customers, said Jack Zubarev, Parallels president.
We liked that Parallels Desktop 8 now allows configuring up to 1GB of discrete video RAM to your virtual machine, along with the option of setting RAM availability and cache space.
The company also announced the availability of Parallels Desktop 7 Switch to Mac Edition, which includes Parallels Desktop 7, Parallels High Speed USB transfer cable, as well as almost two hours of video tutorials that make it easy to learn how to use a new Mac.
Autodesk will now support use of AutoCAD software, AutoCAD LT software, Autodesk Inventor Professional software, Autodesk 3ds Max software, Autodesk 3ds Max Design software and the Autodesk Revit software platform for building information modeling (BIM) on Mac OS X via Parallels Desktop. Autodesk added official support for these products on the Mac via Boot Camp earlier this year.
Parallels Desktop for Mac will be released on November 11 and is priced at 18,900 yen.
Parallels has unveiled Parallels Desktop 12 for Mac (
Daminion 4.0 is compatible with and verified for Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10, 2003, 2008 and 2012 Server (R2) and Mac OS (via the Parallels Desktop).
Try ( Parallels Desktop and ( VMware Fusion .
The mid-priced model we looked at comes with 256GB of flash storage, which is plenty usable even for those who need to use Windows through Boot Camp or VMs like Parallels Desktop. If you need to add on storage, two USB 3.0 ports and two Thunderbolt ports are available to connect external drives.