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Paralympic games,

series of international sports contests for athletes with physical, visual, and intellectual impairments. The games grew out of a gathering of British World War II veterans organized by Dr. Ludwig Guttmann on the opening day of the 1948 London Olympics. The first official Paralympic games were held in Rome in 1960 following the summer Olympics there, and the first winter Paralympics were held in Sweden in 1976. The Paralympics are governed by the International Paralympic Committee, and now take place immediately following the summer and winter Olympic gamesOlympic games,
premier athletic meeting of ancient Greece, and, in modern times, series of international sports contests. The Olympics of Ancient Greece

Although records cannot verify games earlier than 776 B.C.
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 at their respective venues. Athletes are tested by a sports medicine professional for general functioning and movement ability and are given a classification that allows for fair competition among those of similar ability. Guides, wheelchairs, and prosthetics are used in some of the sports. Two sports are unique to the games: goalball, in which a team tries to get a heavy ball filled with bells into their opponents' net, and boccia, in which athletes try to roll, throw, or kick balls close to a target ball.
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Also competing for Britain in LasVegas will be self-funded athlete and Sydney paralympian Farrel Anthony in men's class 7.
Paralympian Michael Lukow (Salt Lake City), Timothy Palumbo (Williamsville, N.
Dylan has a number of achievements to his name, including dual Paralympian, Order of Australia recipient, spokesperson for the Australian Paralympian committee, co-founder and owner of Get Skilled Access, and is a recent addition to Triple Js breakfast announcers line-up.
David Carr, with years in the trade, pictured with celebrated North East Paralympian Stephen Miller
What a great result for our Paralympians who won all those medals in Rio.
Billed as the "fastest wheelchair race on the planet" it attracts the best male and female Paralympians in the world.
The six-time Olympic gold medal-winning Scot will hand over a golden-wrapped Nissan Leaf to all able-bodied and Paralympians backed by the car firm who top the podium.
It has hurt ourselves as a club as Stephen was a very popular lad who was going to GB junior training camps regularly and had dreams of becoming a Paralympian and he certainly had the potential.
Pictured are Paralympian Nathan Stephens and Sports Facilities Manager at Cardiff Met, Owen Rogers, with participants accepting the accreditation
ther three months of Talking about her accident and journey to becoming a Paralympian, Anna said: "I had incredible support from family and friends and that helped enormously.
Fellow Paralympian Dan, from Leicester, struck Commonwealth gold for England with victory in the F42/44 discus last month and also took home a silver medal at the 2012 Paralympics.
Their bid was scuppered after disabled member and paralympian, Sean Rose, fell ill.