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Claire is having facial physiotherapy and fears she may be left paralysed on one side.
She broke her back in a car accident and was paralysed.
A few months later they were given electrical stimulation to the paralysed limb.
A team from the University of Sao Paulo in Brazil, led by Tarciscio Barros, said after treatment, 12 out of 30 patients responded to electrical stimulation of their paralysed limbs.
Father of two Reeve, 46, was also paralysed when he was thrown from his horse in 1994.
Money collected for the family of paralysed rugby player Bryan Davies has been stolen from a Bala hotel
These were transplanted into paralysed rats with bruised spines.
THREE firms were fined yesterday after a steel cage filled with rubble fell 30ft on to a worker at a Shell refinery, leaving him paralysed.
OUTSPOKEN journalist Nell McCafferty yesterday revealed she will end her own life if a dangerous brain operation left her paralysed.
A TEAM of specialist lawyers is to decide whether the parents of paralysed rugby player Dan James will be charged with assisting his suicide.
A CLUBBER was left paralysed after a 17-stone man fell from a balcony at a disco and landed on her.
A DISABLED Scots scuba diver is helping Superman star Christopher Reeve's doctors rehabilitate paralysed patients.