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A biological community, essentially a grassland, covering extensive high areas in equatorial mountains of the Western Hemisphere.



high-mountain evergreen vegetation of the Equatorial Andes of Central and South America. Paramos are found at elevations from 3,000 to 4,500 m. They consist of sparse stands of low trees (2–5 m tall), chiefly pines and yuccas (mostly of the family Compositae). The herbaceous cover includes caespitose xerophyllic grasses with some pulvinate and rosette plants.

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It is crucial that the fires are stopped immediately and that cattle and pigs are removed from the highest elevations to allow the fragile paramo ecosystem to recover before this unique hummingbird and its equally rare foodplant become extinct.
Paramo said an issue like an increase in the minimum wage is not decided via referendum but through the legislative route, as promoted by Mancera, and through other administrative means.
Even before they are complete, Paramo says, the district will be gearing up for another major construction bond package.
The critic reminds his reader of the irony's social context by analyzing various social reforms of the post-revolutionary state, and uses three different works by Rulfo (Pedro Paramo, "Acuerdate," and "La Cuesta de las Comadres") as evidence of the specifically anti-nationalist irony.
28 -- centers on the death of Manuel (Feodor Atkine) at the hand of either his ex-lover Becky del Paramo (Marisa Paredes) or his wife -- Becky's daughter -- played by Victoria Abril.
The park sprawls over 320 square miles and includes both the ever-cloudy, high montane rainforest and, farther up--between the treeline and the snowline -- the alpine tundra known locally as the paramo.
The Pristimantis orcesi species-group was recognized by Lynch (1981) for a series of paramo frogs from Colombia and Ecuador.
His Critical Dictionary of Mexican Literature--extending from Rulfo's masterpiece, Pedro Paramo, to the present, as his prologues explain--evinces his gifts.
His welcome elucidation of Juan Rulfo's Pedro Paramo deftly balances classical rhetoric and modern popular sensibility: "Juan Preciado's realization (anagnorisis) of his own death, [is] a moment that is figurative and dream-like, an absolutely uncanny reversal (peripeteia) in which the zombie realizes it's a zombie--and the reader feels like a sweater turning itself inside out.
Rather, they are a vital part of one of the most unusual ecosystems in the world, the high paramo, with its carpet of squishy plant life that collects huge amounts of water, which nature sporadically releases to feed Colombia's rivers.
Geoff, 71, whose first name is John, was wearing a red and grey Paramo waterproof jacket.