(pā`răn), desert, the eastern region of the Sinai peninsula. In accounts in the Bible, IshmaelIshmael
[Heb.,=God hears], in the Bible. 1 Son of Abraham and Hagar; ancestor of 12 tribes in N Arabia. Through Sara's jealousy he and his mother were sent into the desert, where the angel of the Lord encountered them at a spring.
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 settled there. It was also the Israelites' first resting place after their stay at Sinai, and the refuge of David when Samuel died.
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Paran (Paranatellon)

(religion, spiritualism, and occult)

A paran (from the same family of words as parallel) is said to occur when two planets cross an angle (whether the same or different angles) at the same time. The notion of parantellon goes back to Ptolemy; it was revived by Robert Hand, who abbreviated its designation to paran. The concept is infrequently employed in modern astrology, although contemporary chart-casting programs can usually calculate it.

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Crisjohn Paul Paran, agricultural technologist in the province, said in an interview on Tuesday, that out of the PHP2,945,704 total sales of the Infanta booth, "suman" garnered a total sales of PHP1,511,950, making it the town's best-selling product during the 10-day trade exhibit.
Earlier, she visited the shrines of Hazrat Shahzalal (R:), Hazrat Shah Paran (R:) and Hazrat Shah Gazi Burhan (R: ).
'We're just happy to be here,' coach Esperidion Paran, 48, who started forming this team after the five-month armed conflict in Marawi, Lanao del Sur, said in Filipino.
The team is composed of boys from the war-torn region with coaches Coshary Jialil and Esperidion Paran providing guidance.
Audrey Paran had 11 points to lead NU, which rolled to its ninth loss in 12 matches.
From left to right Filipino supporters Loyd Brendan Norella, Mickey Rodriguez and Albert Paran wore replica of Miss Universe crowns.
Locusts attack apricot orchards in Paran zone of Batken causing losses for gardeners, Turmush reports.
The victim was identified as Rogelio Paran Pelares, 29.
MORO -- Moro Police on a tip-off conducted a raid in village Paran and after meeting with an encounter managed to recovered an abducted 2-year-old boy namely Ayaz Ali Korai s/o Azizullah Korai on Thursday.
"To achieve the goal, we seek vote for boat in the next elections," she told the rally hours after visiting the holy shrines of Hazrat Shah Jalal, Hazrat Shah Paran and Hazrat Gazi Borhan Uddin in the city and on its outskirts.