(pā`răn), desert, the eastern region of the Sinai peninsula. In accounts in the Bible, IshmaelIshmael
[Heb.,=God hears], in the Bible. 1 Son of Abraham and Hagar; ancestor of 12 tribes in N Arabia. Through Sara's jealousy he and his mother were sent into the desert, where the angel of the Lord encountered them at a spring.
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 settled there. It was also the Israelites' first resting place after their stay at Sinai, and the refuge of David when Samuel died.

Paran (Paranatellon)

(religion, spiritualism, and occult)

A paran (from the same family of words as parallel) is said to occur when two planets cross an angle (whether the same or different angles) at the same time. The notion of parantellon goes back to Ptolemy; it was revived by Robert Hand, who abbreviated its designation to paran. The concept is infrequently employed in modern astrology, although contemporary chart-casting programs can usually calculate it.

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Funeral Thursday Oct 15, service at Paran Chapel, Manmoel at 2pm, followed by interment.
Walid Abu Faraj and on the French side by the President of EDF Jean Bernad Levy and the President of Areva company Philip Paran.
See Sari Paran and Hagai Segev exhibition catalogue UN-RUHE, Curator; Sari Paran, Periscope Gallery, 2009.
In addition to Sao Paulo , there were demonstrations in the states of Alagoas, Amazonas, Bahia , Maranho, Mato Grosso, Minas Gerais, Par, Paran, Santa Catarina as well as the Federal District of Brasilia.
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Major auto brands and entertainment studios continue to innovate in mobile media, content and advertising" said Mobile Media Summit Founder and CEO Paran Johar.
It was the beginning of ''Bud's Bicycles,'' a charity run loosely out of Mount Paran Church of God in Marietta.
Berth occupancy was 35% at the port on Wednesday where four ships namely Al Frahidi, Iran Paran, Sino 6 and Liberty n are currently occupying berths to load/offload containers cement, urea and LPG respectively during last 24 hours.
Dentist Paran Nithiananthan, who practises in Stock- than, Stockton, said: "Tooth decay is preventable, there's so much that can be done.
At least 44 Taliban militants were also injured during the operations which were conducted in Kunar, Nangarhar, Paran, Paktika, Kunduz, Zabul, Maidan Wardak, and Logarar provinces, interior ministry said.
Paran (2012: 451), the most obvious changes in teaching spoken English resulted from focusing on naturalistic language data: "teachers now realize how long it takes for learners not just to incorporate elements of socio-pragmatic competence into their linguistic behavior, but even to just develop some awareness of these phenomena".
A simulation-based approach, PARAN, compares eigenvalues from the observed data matrix to those of a large number of randomly generated data matrices with the same dimensions.