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where they are essentially parapatric in distribution, where one species replaces the other.
2001) or the parapatric west coast transients of southeastern Alaska, British Columbia, and Washington State coastal waters (Ford and Ellis, 1999).
It is possible that additional new species may occur here as parapatric segregates, as seems to be the case with H.
All the Peruvian species of the section Huicungo have a parapatric distribution, except for Astrocaryum macrocalyx and A.
Atria 1998 Chromosomal variation, macroevolution and possible parapatric speciation in Mepraia spinolai (Porter) (Hemiptera: Reduviidae).
Molecular identification of birds: performance of distance-based DNA barcoding in three genes to delimit parapatric species.
Such sites could have been suitable for parapatric speciations (Svenning, 2001) along edaphic and topographic gradients (Gentry, 1982) from forest species ecotypes that started to differ morphologically during the colonisation of those microenvironments (Stace, 1991).
There are approximately 30 parapatric races that mate randomly in narrow hybridization zones (Emsley 1964; Mallet 1986).
digitalis, and the two species, which are difficult to distinguish on the basis of visually observable traits, have parapatric distributions that overlap in central California (Murphy, 1978; Crummett and Eernisse, 2007).
The vertical distribution of pronophiline butterflies (Nymphalidae, Satyrinae) along an elevational transect in Monte Zerpe (Cordillera de Morida, Venezuela) with remarks on their diversity and parapatric distribution.
The two species show a parapatric distribution on the whole with a contact zone formed at the boundary of their ranges across the big turning of the Yellow River in the central-western part of Inner Mongolia, Ningxia and the middle part of the Gansu Province.