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What does it mean when you dream about parasites?

Parasites are straightforward symbols for people who seek nourishment from others but who give nothing in return. Parasites in a dream could refer to others who drain us, or representations of projects and activities that we feel “drain” our time.

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It is quite true that we did not present ourselves humbly, like your flatterers and parasites, but holding up our heads as befits independent men.
The creature that owned it had been crouching behind the parasite, and had looked round it at the same instant that I did.
It was one of the parasite streets; long, regular, narrow, dull and gloomy; like a brick and mortar funeral.
Nature herself occasionally quarters an inconvenient parasite on an animal toward whom she has otherwise no ill will.
Here he was at least, and had been any time these past ten years, a sort of dismal parasite upon the foreigner in Paris.
The house was overrun with ivy, its chimney being enlarged by the boughs of the parasite to the aspect of a ruined tower.
Love was like a parasite in his heart, nourishing a hateful existence on his life's blood; it absorbed his existence so intensely that he could take pleasure in nothing else.
The late Sir Thomas Lawrence, P.R.A., was undoubtedly the most artful and uncompromising flatterer that ever smoothed out all the natural characteristic blemishes from a sitter's face; but even that accomplished parasite would have found Mr.
Regardless of how you manage your animals, parasites should always be on your radar.
Malaria is a serious and sometimes life-threatening tropical disease that spreads through parasites. It kills more than 445,000 people a year, many of them children in Africa.
Not only that, but the scientists behind the discovery also said that this proves ( these animals were already suffering from parasites like roundworms a long time before humans ever contracted them , or existed in the first place.
Release date- 12082019 - Mosquitoes can harbor thousands of malaria-causing parasites in their bodies, yet while slurping blood from a victim, they transmit just a tiny fraction of them.