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see backgammonbackgammon
, game of chance and skill played by two persons upon a specially marked board divided by a space, called the bar, into two tables (inner table and outer table), each of which has 12 alternately colored points, or triangular spaces.
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Motherspaw enjoyed playing board games - Parcheesi and Monopoly were her favorites - and cards.
At the young man's home, the two women were left with the older women of the household, the two men went outside on the street to drink tea and watch other men play Parcheesi and the son, who had made quite a hit with the young women of the household, was invited to the rooftop to talk with them.
Her face is like one of those puzzle cubes one gives to bright children, impossible to put together once they have been taken apart, a cube of irregular wooden pieces cut out to fit into each other that end up at the bottom of the toy drawer among toy cars with no wheels, Parcheesi pieces and plastic Indians with the upper parts of their bodies missing.
It has an especially good selection of classic board games, such as Monopoly and Parcheesi, as well as such new inventions as Magna-Doodle.
This deluxe game set has everything you need: checkers, Chinese checkers, chess, cribbage, dice, dominoes, backgammon, Parcheesi and cards
There was grumbling from the brood about Facebook statuses and the livelihood of Farmville livestock, but as the week went on it was replaced by kayaking with seals and Parcheesi games that extended past 11 p.
One side of the features a Parcheesi board, with "home" represented by a painting of a house.
As a result, competitive croquet combines the geometry of billiards, the hand-eye coordination of golf and the tactical thinking of chess or Parcheesi.
Milton Bradley Board Games and Parker Brothers Card Games (Hasbro Interactive) - Computer versions of Hasbro board games such as Pente, Parcheesi, chess and checkers, and card games such as Spades, Cribbage, Mille Bornes and Rook.
Game boards for sale at the auction include a wonderful variety of Parcheesi game boards and checkerboards, many of which are colorfully and imaginatively decorated.
For seniors, I think it's excellent, instead of sitting down and playing Parcheesi," she said.
Blob-shaped ThWACKS(TM) are used in a game that incorporates elements of darts, croquet, and chase games like Parcheesi.