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, game of chance and skill played by two persons upon a specially marked board divided by a space, called the bar, into two tables (inner table and outer table), each of which has 12 alternately colored points, or triangular spaces.
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Under Parcheesi thinking, an even number of casualties is preferred, and when there is a disparity of casualties, the loser is conferred victim status, and the winner is dubbed the villain.
Booths with inlaid board games encourage students to challenge their brains and friends to games such as Parcheesi, Backgammon, Monopoly, and Checkers.
Melanie thought nothing of leaving us, mid-throw of the dice during a round of Parcheesi, to say the next installment on her novena.
Or that Milton Bradley's Parcheesi Game has been around for 133 years?
Suppose, not implausibly, that most people prefer a less total immersion in political activity, that they assign higher priority to hiking in the woods, watching Simpsons reruns, singing in the church choir, golfing, gossiping, playing Parcheesi with their kids, making money, making love, or simply making a way in the world according to their own lights.
Sargent's colorful line will be adding game board accent rugs, including Parcheesi, Tic Tac Toe, Hopscotch, and Checkmate.
He got out a board--I think it was for Parcheesi, and various pieces from chess and checkers games (even dominoes
Which plays dominoes, Parcheesi and Nintendo, when, between televised soccer matches, it isn't listening to Guns N'Roses, watching porn videos or urinating in the washbasin.
A game of Parcheesi does not require much running, but it, too, can be a chance for a child with a different level of physical ability to have some of the same social opportunities and cognitive challenges that interactions with peers provide.
One day a small group of students invited Ian to join them in a Parcheesi game.
there goes the Parcheesi board and what's left of a very bold Shiraz.
Distribution was like playing parcheesi, not a video game.