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in law, active acquiescence or silent compliance by a person legally capable of consenting (see age of consentage of consent,
the age at which, according to the law, persons are bound by their words and acts. There are different ages at which one acquires legal capacity to consent to marriage, to choose a guardian, to conclude a contract, and the like.
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). It may be evidenced by words or acts or by silence when silence implies concurrence. Actual or implied consent is necessarily an element in every contractcontract,
in law, a promise, enforceable by law, to perform or to refrain from performing some specified act. In a general sense, all civil obligations fall under tort or contract law.
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 and every agreement. In criminal charges, the consent of the party injured (if not obtained by fraudfraud,
in law, willful misrepresentation intended to deprive another of some right. The offense, generally only a tort, may also constitute the crime of false pretenses. Frauds are either actual or constructive.
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 or duressduress
, in law, actual or threatened violence or imprisonment, by reason of which a person is forced to enter into an agreement or to perform some other act against his will.
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) is a defense for the accused, unless a third party or the state is injured.


age of consent the lowest age at which the law recognizes the right of a person to consent to sexual intercourse
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It is true that states generally require parental consent before a minor receives medical treatment, on the presumption that before reaching the age of majority (18 in all but three states (2)) young people lack the experience and judgment to make fully informed decisions.
apply for an order dispensing with parental consent to marry (a pregnant female may apply for this before age 16)
And under current state law, minors can secure most jobs without parental consent, with a few exceptions such as acting jobs in movies and plays or selling goods and services.
Allowing healthcare service providers to conscientiously object, refuse to refer and refuse to perform certain procedures without spousal and parental consent in non-emergency and non-life-threatening situations is dangerous because it grants a license to a group of people to blatantly violate women's human rights in the name of freedom of religion," the group Filipino Catholic Voices for Reproductive Health (C4RH), Inc.
of Columbia All All Florida All Georgia All All Hawaii All *, ([dagger]) All Idaho All All Illinois All All Indiana All Iowa Kansas Some All Kentucky All * Legal counsel Louisiana Parental consent Maine Maryland All * All Massachusetts All Michigan All * Parental consent Minnesota All * Parental consent Mississippi All All Missouri All * Legal counsel Montana All * Legal counsel Nebraska Nevada Some All New Hampshire Some All ([OMEGA]) New Jersey All * All New Mexico All All New York All All North Carolina All North Dakota All Ohio All Oklahoma All * All ([dagger]) Oregon All *, ([PHI]) Pennsylvania All Parental notice Rhode Island Parental consent South Carolina All ([?
Parental consent will still be needed where a court order requires it or where the young person has a mental disability.
Dr Whittaker says he will write to local education authorities urging them to make parental consent official policy.
If a child under age 18 is the main subject in a picture, obtain parental consent before posting; as a safety precaution, do not include names as a caption under a photo.
On April 27, 2005, the House of Representatives passed a bill making it illegal to dodge parental consent laws by taking minors across state lines for abortions by 270-157.
Surrounded by a crowd of cheering religious conservatives and GOP faithful rounded up by Texas Republican Party officials, Perry affixed his signature to two measures, one requiring girls under the age of 18 to acquire parental consent before obtaining an abortion and another certifying a ballot initiative banning same-sex marriage next year.

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