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Tingling, crawling, or burning sensation of the skin.
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an unusual sensation of numbing, pricking, or creeping of the skin that arises either without external cause or under the action of various mechanical factors, such as pressure on a nerve or vessel. Paresthesia may be a manifestation of diseases of the peripheral nervous system or, more rarely, of the sensory centers of the spinal cord or brain.

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Common symptoms of hypocalcemia are paresthesias and numbness, muscle spasms and myalgias, cramps, tetany, convulsions and dermatitis.
55.5%) when the novel and traditional devices were compared, but paresthesias, which were commonly reported on the traditional device, were not reported at all with the high-frequency device.
All patients experienced paradoxical temperature perception, nausea, paresthesias, numbness, abdominal pain, diarrhea, arthralgias, and myalgias (Table).
A successful block can be achieved by correct location and deposition of anaesthetic agent near the nerve.1 Various techniques in use are, paresthesia elicitation, nerve stimulator and more recently ultra- sonic visual guidance.
patients with symptom During After meningitis meningitis Associated symptoms episode episode Total * Maximum Neuropathic pain 5 6 7 Years Paresthesias 8 6 8 Months Urinating difficulty 3 3 5 Months Arthralgias 1 6 6 Months Paresis of facial nerve 1 1 2 Weeks Hallucinations 1 0 1 Days Dysarthria 3 0 3 Days Visual disturbance 2 0 2 Days * Some patients experienced symptoms both during and after episodes.
GW, a 40-year-old male clerical worker, complained of ulnar-sided right wrist pain of approximately 1 year's duration and occasional paresthesias in his ring and little fingers.
Backache occurring within 3 months of delivery and persisting for more than 6 weeks was the primary long-term outcome measure; headache, neck ache, and paresthesias of similar duration were secondary outcomes.
Clinical symptoms include features of CTS and sensory paresthesias in the palm and distal forearm in the distribution of the palmar cutaneous branch of the median nerve.
Signs and symptoms of PSP range from mild, short-lived paresthesias of the mouth or extremities to severe, life-threatening paralysis (1).
In a review of literature performed by Mendenhall et al14 complications with lateral rhinotomy approach were facial scarring, paresthesias and epiphora were 100%, 11% and 9 % respectively at Hopital Lariboisiere between 1985 and 1996 in a total of 44 patients.
Comment: Complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS) is a chronic condition characterized by pain, edema, skin discoloration, weakness, muscle spasm, paresthesias, and other symptoms.