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(civil engineering)
A thin coating of mortar or plaster on a brick or stone surface.


The application of mortar to the back of the facing material, or the face of the backing material. Also called back-plastering.

parget, pargeting, pargetting, parge-work, parging

applying a parget, 3
parget, 1
1. Elaborate plasterwork; esp. an ornamental facing for plaster walls, sometimes decorated with figures in low relief or indented; often used on the exterior of houses in the Tudor period.
2. An interior lining of a flue to provide a smooth surface and to aid in fire protection.
3. In masonry construction, a coat of cement mortar (generally containing dampproofing ingredients) on the face of rough masonry, the earth side of foundation and basement walls, or the like; a parge coat.
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You need to reline it with parging again or solid clay or concrete pipes.
This will involve checking the lining of the flue to make sure that the mortar pointing or parging is sound, checking that no holes have occurred between the flue way to this fireplace and say, the fireplace in the bedroom above, making sure that the chimney pot on the top is open and not blanked off with a terminal.
Tenders are invited for Provide archeological oversight; remove silt from interior; excavate and document foundation and footer condition; remove parging from columns and apply a wrap system; install wood stays, cable rings, wood cribbing, scaffolding towers, and cables for support.