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Contract notice: Provision of 30,000 packets of seed types or native species of the Paris Basin annuals, perennials, vegetables and aromatic for the City of Paris, with print on the bag according Recommendations and delivery.
Under the current system, industrial-scale grain producers in France's Paris basin disproportionately benefit from receiving payments, as their outputs were among the highest in Europe between 2000 and 20002.
Energy Information Administration (EIA) estimates shale gas reserves worth five trillion cubic meters could lie in French soil, mainly in the Paris basin and the Rhone valley - equivalent to 90 years of current French gas consumption.
The present system disproportionately benefits those who in the years 2000-2002 had the largest output, for example industrial-scale grain producers in France's Paris basin.
presenting the exploitation of reindeer in Upper Palaeolithic south-western France, the Massif Central and the Paris Basin, it does very well.
This stretch of land begins in the London area (arguably the most affluent), takes in the Paris basin and continues north-eastwards to Brussels, then to the commercial centres of the Netherlands and thence to the prime financial/industrial regions of Germany such as Cologne, Frankfurt and Hamburg.
The geological characteristics of these oil-rich, naturally fractured, thermally mature formations compare favorably to fractured shale formations such as the Bakken Shale in the Williston Basin and Liassic Shale in the Paris Basin.
In a first for France, two companies have teamed up to produce shale oil from the Paris basin through a difficult and costly extraction process that involves blasting the rock with water and chemicals.
Selenopidae), are described from Lowermost Eocene (Ypresian) amber from Le Quesnoy, Oise department, Paris Basin, France.
Citrus Mint Clay utilizes kaolin, a white clay from the Paris Basin, to heal sensitive skin conditions.
Cuvier (1769-1832) was the leading catastrophist of his age and had noticed in mapping the Paris Basin with his colleague Alexandre Brongniart that many fossil groups appeared to die out at unconformities.