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, m?tro
an underground, or largely underground, railway system in certain cities, esp in Europe, such as that in Paris


(1) See Metro interface.

(2) The code name for Microsoft's XPS document format. See XML Paper Specification.
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Finally, visitors will be transported to the urban bustle of the Paris metro during rush hour.
Or anyone who has ridden the Paris Metro, for that matter, which is so often used as a urinal by men on their way home from town at night.
As any attractive woman who has travelled on the Paris Metro at rush-hour will testify, this isn't the first time a Frenchman's hand has ventured somewhere it shouldn't and it won't be the last.
The facilities are excellent and include a large leisure area; the venue is directly serviced by fast Eurostar trains and the Paris metro.
Rail group SNCF said intercity, regional and Paris metro lines were all running severely reduced services.
The graceful organic shapes of Paris Metro entrances (Hector Guimard, 1867-1942) exemplified this principle (5).
Terrorist suspect Rachid Ramda has lost a ten-year battle against being extradited to France where he is wanted in connection with a bombing on the Paris Metro.
From riding the Santa Anna winds through the joshua trees with the ghost of Gram Parsons to waiting for the subway in a Paris metro station with Jerry Jeff Walker, European Confession is a story told in free-verse poetry.
Like the cast-iron entrances of the Paris Metro or stained-glass windows of Louis Comfort Tiffany, the style emphasizes a sensual line that was considered very modern at the turn of the century, and it is fitting to see Art Nouveau turning up at the dawn of a new one.
Biotope (Merwan Chabane, 2001) disturbingly compares human behaviour in the Paris Metro with that of animal wildlife, and Freedub 1 (Stephane Elmadjian, 2002) states, "animal is a man endowed with reason," and then shows endless library shots of soldiers marching toward each other from dozens of different countries.
Anyway, apparently there are ancient Egyptian artifacts beneath the Paris Metro that will alter the face of time itself.
In France, which finally abandoned its draft last year (believing that threats to its security had diminished), conscripts worked alongside professional police in the Gendarmerie and provided emergency airport security when terrorists set off bombs in the Paris Metro in 1995.