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, m?tro
an underground, or largely underground, railway system in certain cities, esp in Europe, such as that in Paris


(1) See Metro interface.

(2) The code name for Microsoft's XPS document format. See XML Paper Specification.
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03 ( ANI ): Seems like the Paris Metro surely has some sweet treat for the public out there.
Transport Minister Alain Vidalies said traffic ran normally on the Paris Metro despite a strike call while unions called off an air controllers' strike after government promises to keep staffing at current levels for the next three years.
FOUR Chelsea fans caught up in the Paris Metro train race row have been banned from football matches for up to five years.
The latest incident comes days after a racist incident involving Chelsea football fans on a Paris Metro train.
POLICE have spoken to three men they were seeking in connection with an alleged racist incident involving Chelsea football fans on a Paris Metro train.
Blues boss Jose Mourinho and owner Roman Abramovich condemned the actions of a small number of fans who were filmed preventing a black man from entering the Paris metro on Tuesday before singing "we're racist, and that's the way we like it".
The victim of a racist incident involving Chelsea football fans in the Paris metro did not know the incident had been filmed and widely broadcast and will now lodge an official complaint with police, he told French daily Le Parisien.
A 28-year-old French Jewish man was beaten on a Paris metro train Sunday, JTA reports.
People at the Paris Metro | People at the Paris Metro
PARIS -- A French court on Wednesday sentenced the ringleader of a gang that forced young girls, mainly from Bosnia, into picking pockets on the Paris Metro to seven years in prison.
What they share in common is the use of materials gathered and re-purposed, for example wood scraps, glass, house paint, paper, plastic, wire, metal, cassette tapes, books, staples, dishcloths, dirt, flip-flops, toys, dust from the Paris metro.
ANDY MURRAY learned this week not to overcomplicate the Paris Metro system - and it was the same on the court as he battled both Italian opponent Simone Bolelli and the wind before booking his third-round spot at the French Open.