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(Ce,La)2Ca(CO3)3F2 A brownish-yellow secondary mineral composed of a carbonate and a fluoride of calcium, cerium, and lanthanum.



(named after J. Paris, proprietor of the mine in Colombia where the mineral was discovered), a rare-earth fluorocarbonate mineral having the chemical composition Ca(Ce, La)2 •[CO3]3F2. It crystallizes in the trigonal system and occurs in crystal form and in solid, compact deposits and earthy masses. It has a hardness of 4.5 on Mohs’ scale and a density of 4,320–4,360 kg/m3. The mineral is usually brownish red or wax yellow, vitreous to waxy in luster, and translucent to transparent. It contains 30.56 percent Ce2O3, 10.44 percent CaO, 24.58 percent CO2, and 7.07 percent F. Parisite generally occurs in hydrothermal deposits associated with alkali syenites and granites, although it also occurs as an accessory mineral in nepheline syenites and alkali pegmatites. It is associated with calcite, fluorite, bastnaesite, and other minerals.

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Johnson Controls funds also helped open Parisite Skate Park, named after its proximity to Paris Avenue, which has helped more than 5,000 young residents channel their energy and athletic skills in a safe recreational environment.
Mineralogical work completed by the company indicated that a wide variety of rare-earth element-bearing minerals have been identified, including apatite, iimoriite, kainosite, gadolinite, allanite, bastnaesite, parisite, brannerite, thalenite, xenotime, fergusonite, synchysite (Y), and monazite.
REE minerals include bastnaesite, parisite, synchysite, monazite and cerianite.
The county issued debentures to pay for it, and Parisites know how high their water bills are climbing.
the classes of the community most addicted to the habitual use of cocaine are the parisites [sic] who live on the earnings of prostitutes, prostitutes of the lowest order, and young degenerates who acquire the habit at an early age through their connection with prostitutes and parisites [sic].