Park Benjamin

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Benjamin, Park,

1809–64, American journalist, b. British Guiana (now Guyana). As owner and editor of the New England Magazine, he merged it (1835) with the American Monthly Magazine of New York and became associate editor with C. F. Hoffman. A prominent journalist of his day, he is best known as the founder (1839) of the New World, a weekly periodical that ran until 1845.


See biography by M. M. Hoover (1948).

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Neal reports on February 21, 1835, that Howe has left the New England Magazine and that Park Benjamin has joined it.
He is perhaps bantering with Park Benjamin for repeatedly featuring Hawthorne's work--and with Hawthorne, as well, who at the age of nearly thirty-one was still unrecognized.
50) Park Benjamin foresaw the automated battlefield, a time when the pushing of buttons would substitute for the bloody slogging of past wars: "What is wanted is the obliteration of everybody and everything except the electric nerves between the commander and the parts of the machine which he is to manage.
A weekly called Brother Jonathan was founded by Park Benjamin, 1839-43.