Parker Dam

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Parker Dam,

at the Ariz.–Calif. line, on the Colorado River; completed 1938. It is 320 ft (98 m) high and 856 ft (261 m) long. The dam impounds water for Los Angeles and other coastal cities, has a power plant, and supplies some water for irrigation. It also diverts water to Arizona.
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Notes: mandatory pre-bid conference will be on october 31, 2017 at 10:00 am at gene pumping plant, 158000 mwd road, parker dam, 92267.
The construction of Parker Dam may have led to the sharp decrease in Populus and Salix downstream, seen in surveys from 1938 and 1960.
The MWD signed a contract with the federal government for the construction of Parker Dam and the water transfers in 1933.
From 1997 to the present, about 90,000 razorback suckers have been released into the Colorado River below Parker Dam, with 20,012 razorback suckers stocked throughout the Lower Colorado Basin in 2007 alone.
As a young man, Moody worked building dams in the West, including Parker Dam in Arizona.
Department of the Interior Bureau of Reclamation (in operating Parker Dam in California) do use it.
Lake Havasu City gets its name from the 45-mile-long lake that was created behind Parker Dam downstream.
The 45-mile-long waterway marks the border between Arizona and California, and was created by the construction of Parker Dam on the Colorado River in 1938.
The aqueduct ran from Parker Dam on the Colorado R.
Arizona is whitewater country, but the Colorado River below Parker Dam is canoeable for about 100 miles.
The 16-mile strip of the Colorado River between Parker Dam and Headgate Rock Dam provides many water-based recreational activities and makes the town a destination point.
Department of Conservation and Natural Resources officials have announced the appointment of new managers at Hills Creek State Park Complex, Tioga County, and Parker Dam State Park, Clearfield County.