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Trade name for a process for the production of phosphate coating on steel articles by immersion in an aqueous solution of manganese or zinc acid with phosphate.



an obsolete term for one method of phosphatizing. The method was patented by the American company Parker Rust-Proof Company of Detroit, Mich., in 1918.

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This is a tough finish which, due to its color, somewhat resembles Parkerizing.
It's safe for wood finishes, and metal finishes to include bluing, brass, silver, copper and Parkerizing.
When compared to traditional surface treatments such as chrome plating, phosphate, anodizing, black oxide, bluing, Parkerizing, and others, Cerakote[TM] shows enhanced performance characteristics in the areas of hardness, corrosion protection, lubricity, impact resistance, adhesion, abrasion resistance and flexibility.
The original blue finish was eschewed in favor of Parkerizing, and the gun was built to only take the stick magazine due to complaints that the drums were heavy and difficult to manipulate.
said Friday it has developed a car surface preparation agent, used for priming vehicle bodies before they are painted, that produces far fewer toxic substances and other waste than current agents, with Nihon Parkerizing Co.
Mergers, Acquisitions, & Alliances: Henkel KGaA, Duesseldorf, Germany, and Nihon Parkerizing Co Ltd, Tokyo, Japan, signed a technology-sharing agreement.
holding company -National Panasonic Gobel, PT Digital video disc player -Nusantara Parkerizing, PT Chemical industry -Panasonic Battery Indonesia, PT Lithium electric battery -Panasonic Gobel Electronic Components, PT Electrical product of Panasonic -Tabung Gambar Indonesia Picture tube industry -Tosummit Electronics Device Indonesia, PT Colors picture tube industry Trade: -Gems Wiraswasta, PT Electronic product trade -Gobel Dharma Nusantara, PT Distribution and sole agency -Nusaparbel, PT Trade & import -Ayah, NV Trade
On this side of the Atlantic, Hi-Powers were given a phosphate finish akin to American Parkerizing, while those from Europe were blued.
Blue, stainless, Parkerizing, even some of the bolder colors of baked-on finishes I can get behind.
The gun looked pretty good with the original Parkerized finish, since Rock Island does a very good job of applying a nice smooth Parkerizing finish to the gun.
At about serial number 735,000 the government decided pistols would be finished by Parkerizing (a phosphate coating) instead of bluing.