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Trade name for a process for the production of phosphate coating on steel articles by immersion in an aqueous solution of manganese or zinc acid with phosphate.



an obsolete term for one method of phosphatizing. The method was patented by the American company Parker Rust-Proof Company of Detroit, Mich., in 1918.

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The condition is very good plus, with original finish on the stock and the British version of Parkerizing on the metal.
The P220 10mm Legion has a gray finish that resembles Parkerizing.
38 M&P revolvers--to a matte Parkerizing called sandblast blue, and finally to a simple sandblast finish termed "Black Magic.
Today, we have hunter finishes that are a satin and don't shine and reflect the sun into the animal's eyes, tactical finishes that are flat, a variety of colors, and bead blasted finishes that resemble old time Parkerizing.
56 NATO chamber, bore, exterior and even the front sight base--are finished with Melonite, which is an extraordinarily hard, durable, corrosion-resistant surface considered by many to be superior to both Parkerizing and hard chrome plating.
The 9mm version is carbon steel given a phosphate finish usually called Parkerizing.
Shortly prior to WWII, the military decided all its firearms would have the matte finish called Parkerizing.
Four new DuraCoat firearm finishes are available from Lauer Custom Weaponry: DuraBlue Spray-On Bluing, DuraBlue Nitre, DuraPark Spray-On Parkerizing Replicator and DuraBrown Spray-On Browning.
Supposedly melomte is a superior finish compared to bluing or parkerizing but I don't have enough guns with melonite finishes to say whether the statement is true.
When compared to traditional surface treatments such as chrome plating, phosphate, anodizing, black oxide, bluing, Parkerizing, and others, Cerakote[TM] shows enhanced performance characteristics in the areas of hardness, corrosion protection, lubricity, impact resistance, adhesion, abrasion resistance and flexibility.
It is a unit of industrial group Nihon Parkerizing (TYO:4095).
said Friday it has developed a car surface preparation agent, used for priming vehicle bodies before they are painted, that produces far fewer toxic substances and other waste than current agents, with Nihon Parkerizing Co.