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uninc. town (2000 pop. 37), Monterey co., Calif., among rolling hills in the Coast Ranges. A mining center for mercury and coal in the early 1900s, when the town had 900 inhabitants, Parkfield is today best known as the "earthquake capital of the world." From 1857 to 1966 six magnitude 6 earthquakes occurred along the San Andreas faultSan Andreas fault,
great fracture (see fault) of the earth's crust in California. It is the principal fault of an intricate network of faults extending more than 600 mi (965 km) from NW California to the Gulf of California.
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 near Parkfield. Because the earthquakes occurred at average intervals of 22 years, in the mid-1980s seismologists began setting up a number of different types of monitoring equipment in the local area in hopes of learning more about earthquakes and how to predict them. Since then, Parkfield has become the most intensively monitored seismological site in the world. The much anticipated seventh quake occurred later than expected on Sept. 28, 2004.
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News reporters have gathered around the hole you helped bore in Parkfield, California.
Parkfield - population 37 - sits on the juncture of the earth's Pacific and North American plates, a grinding 800-mile-long rupture zone better known as the San Andreas Fault.
McEvilly of the University of California, Berkeley and his colleagues installed seismometers at the bottoms of deep boreholes, 250 meters below the ground at Parkfield.
And the 20-year-old made sure the money raised was used to benefit the service that once supported him - buying bikes and equipment for the cycle club at Parkfield.
A Warwickshire Police spokesman said: "Police are investigating a fatal road traffic collision that occurred in Parkfield Road, Rugby at 4.
Batting first, Parkfield were bowled out for 150 with Matthew Howard (4-46) and Haroon Khan (4-35) the pick of the bowlers.
After Parkfield pulled one back, Shirley made the game safe through Ben Ince's penalty before a late Parkfield strike set up a nervy ending.
Jackson''s satisfaction is founded not only on the pair of victories over clubs Parkfield played in the Merseyside & Southport Cricket Alliance, but also on a valuable set of group matches in the Bridging Finance Knockout Trophy.
That's because Parkfield sits right atop the San Andreas Fault, the 1,290-km (800-mi) crack in Earth's rocky crust (outer layer) that is the source of many of the Golden State's quakes.
The USGS and the state of California decided to spend $1 million each to wire the Parkfield area in hopes of detecting precursors of the predicted tremor.
Support worker at Parkfield Hall Stephen Kell said: "The crowd of tenants soon grew and there was some friendly banter with the officers.
Third placed Burscough are nine points behind Parkfield Liscard after a 44 run win over Birkenhead St Mary's.