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uninc. town (2000 pop. 37), Monterey co., Calif., among rolling hills in the Coast Ranges. A mining center for mercury and coal in the early 1900s, when the town had 900 inhabitants, Parkfield is today best known as the "earthquake capital of the world." From 1857 to 1966 six magnitude 6 earthquakes occurred along the San Andreas faultSan Andreas fault,
great fracture (see fault) of the earth's crust in California. It is the principal fault of an intricate network of faults extending more than 600 mi (965 km) from NW California to the Gulf of California.
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 near Parkfield. Because the earthquakes occurred at average intervals of 22 years, in the mid-1980s seismologists began setting up a number of different types of monitoring equipment in the local area in hopes of learning more about earthquakes and how to predict them. Since then, Parkfield has become the most intensively monitored seismological site in the world. The much anticipated seventh quake occurred later than expected on Sept. 28, 2004.
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A protest gathering was held at the school gates last week, where it was claimed school leaders had failed to fully account for the feelings of parents of faith who did not want their children to be told 'it is okay to be gay.' Ms Pulley said: "Parkfield Community School is to commence equalities education in September 2019, called 'No Outsiders for a faith community'.
In a statement, the Parkfield Parents' Group, whose representatives took part in consultations, said they had been left with 'no alternative option' but to hold a mass withdrawal of pupils.
Police shut Birmingham New Road recently at the junction of Parkfield Road and Thompson Avenue after the latest crash.
Protests are due to start again tomorrow outside the Parkfield Community School, bringing an end to an uneasy truce designed to help parents and staff resolve the issue.
The council says it has restricted scope to act because Parkfield is an academy, but confirms officers are working with the Regional Schools Commissioner to address the situation.
Coun Sally Bragg, Rugby Borough Borough R Council portfolio holder for sustainable environment, said: "These grants pave the way for the transformation of the Parkfield Road site and it's wonderful news for Newbold residents and the wider community."
National Air Traffic Systems (NATS) has sold the former College of Air Traffic Control site at Bournemouth Airport to Parkfield School, according to an online report by Insider Media.
Elsewhere, Holy Rosary Hurricanes edged past Northfield with man-of-the-match Pat Corcoran grabbing one of the goals in a 2-1 win while Parkfield drew 2-2 with Paradigm Falcons.
Half centuries from openers Rashid Riaz and Grant Hughes saw Parkfield home easily for a nine wicket win.
McEvilly of the University of California, Berkeley and his colleagues installed seismometers at the bottoms of deep boreholes, 250 meters below the ground at Parkfield. This network of 10 instruments records quakes as small as magnitude -1, far too weak for people to feel.
That's because Parkfield sits right atop the San Andreas Fault, the 1,290-km (800-mi) crack in Earth's rocky crust (outer layer) that is the source of many of the Golden State's quakes.
NO Outsiders, the equality programme of lessons at the centre of heated debate over LGBT rights, is to be relaunched at Parkfield School in Alum Rock after four months of consultation with parents.