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uninc. town (2000 pop. 37), Monterey co., Calif., among rolling hills in the Coast Ranges. A mining center for mercury and coal in the early 1900s, when the town had 900 inhabitants, Parkfield is today best known as the "earthquake capital of the world." From 1857 to 1966 six magnitude 6 earthquakes occurred along the San Andreas faultSan Andreas fault,
great fracture (see fault) of the earth's crust in California. It is the principal fault of an intricate network of faults extending more than 600 mi (965 km) from NW California to the Gulf of California.
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 near Parkfield. Because the earthquakes occurred at average intervals of 22 years, in the mid-1980s seismologists began setting up a number of different types of monitoring equipment in the local area in hopes of learning more about earthquakes and how to predict them. Since then, Parkfield has become the most intensively monitored seismological site in the world. The much anticipated seventh quake occurred later than expected on Sept. 28, 2004.
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Barb Varian of the V6 Ranch in Parkfield, California, says booking inquiries for her family's cattle drives have risen about so percent in the past two years.
The San Andreas is one of the most heavily instrumented places in the world, owing to the famous Parkfield, California, earthquake prediction experiment in the 1980s.
Instead of drilling into an area of the fault where violent--but infrequent--quakes occur, researchers set up a drilling site on a remote ranch in Parkfield, California.
News reporters have gathered around the hole you helped bore in Parkfield, California.
Pacific Gas and Electric Company's Diablo Canyon Power Plant operated normally through an earthquake occurring at approximately 10:15 AM today north-northeast of the plant, near Parkfield, California.
and Robert Nadeau of the University of California, Berkeley, examined more than 20 years of seismic records from Parkfield, California, which sits astride the San Andreas Fault.
9 on the Richter scale and was centered just south of Parkfield, California, Pacific Gas and Electric Company wants to remind its customers of the importance of earthquake safety.
Parkfield, California -- a quaint town with a one-room schoolhouse, a county library, and a single main street.
Last October, every single citizen, of Parkfield, California, was put on warning.
Washington, Dec 11 (ANI): A new research has shown that the great Indian Ocean earthquake of 2004 that caused a devastating tsunami, set off tremors nearly 9,000 miles away in the San Andreas fault at Parkfield, California, US.