parking lot

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parking lot

US and Canadian an area or building reserved for parking cars
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Parking lot

An area on the ground surface used for parking vehicles; may be paved or unpaved.
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parking lot

[′pärk·iŋ ‚lät]
(civil engineering)
An outdoor lot for parking automobiles.
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parking lot, car park

An area set aside for parking motor vehicles. The net area of a parking facility is the area devoted to parking places and circulation aisles. In a multi-story parking facility the gross area also includes the building’s service cores and exit stairs.
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Parking Lot

These are interesting symbols and many people have requested including the dictionary. Traveling is a very common theme in our dreams, and traveling in a car the most common. Traveling in a vehicle generally represents our journey through life, or a portion of it. Finding yourself in a garage or a parking lot can be interpreted in several different ways. First, consider the content of your dream and your current dilemma or situation in life. The parked car could represent a period of inactivity and indecision in your life. The dream could be pointing out that you have been idle for a period of time and that it may be a good time to “get a move on.” The more positive interpretation of this dream may be that the parked car is symbolic of a reflective period or mood. You may be in “park” for a while so that you can rest, relax, regroup, and think things over.
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"Even though Al Baraha truck parking complex has offered excellent facilities, practical issues like unavailability of food and lack of proper transportation facilities to Doha or to our residential areas are some of the problems," one of the truck drivers said.
The company that has reportedly been contracted to design the parking complex is Team International Engineering and Management Consultants.
Multilevel parking complexes are the best solutions to the growing parking problem in Muscat.
According to DLF, the parking complex, christened South Square, has served more than 50,000 customers since inauguration, and its popularity is growing.
Karan Singh Tanwar, an MLA and NDMC member, said: " The Sarojini Nagar parking complex was developed on an area of 4,000 sq m and allotted at ` 15 lakh per year while the one at Baba Kharak Singh Marg was developed on 7,000 sq m and allotted at ` 22 lakh per year.
Mehra felt the need for a multilevel parking complex should be tackled with urgency.