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(US), parlor
1. Old-fashioned a living room, esp one kept tidy for the reception of visitors
2. a reception room in a priest's house, convent, etc.
3. Chiefly US, Canadian, and NZ a room or shop equipped as a place of business
4. Caribbean a small shop, esp one selling cakes and nonalcoholic drinks
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A multipurpose room for sitting and formal entertainment, situated on the main floor of most dwellings.
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1. In a house, a room primarily for entertaining and conversing with guests.
2. In a hotel, a room for receptions.
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The man got into a taxi (UVX-548) parked a few meters away from the parlor.
Her parents have alleged that her former Fiance along with his four accomplices have abducted her while she was out to visit a beauty parlor with her sister.
Beauty parlors particularly are witnessing a huge influx of customers these days.
Anti-kidnapping police discovered a golf set, estimated to be worth P100,000 and owned by slain Korean trader Jee Ick-joo, inside a funeral parlor in Caloocan City where his body was believed to have been brought after he was kidnapped last October.
Philadelphia, PA, September 19, 2016 --( Jaime Alvarez: Nowhere, a project developed by Pixel Parlor, was chosen as a Merit winner in the most recent HOW Promotion & Marketing Design Awards.
The pre-war home at 104 West 13th is configured as a simplex parlor floor with a private back deck and a duplex spanning the top two floors, totaling 11 rooms.
At Brew Parlor, the menu of coffee beverages and 'coffee cocktails' has been created by chef Stephanie Izard, who Wyndham have dubbed 'chef de caffeine' at the new cafe concept .
Bilquis Safdar, the Pakistani owner of 'She,' a ladies parlor in Hayyal Wazarat and President of Hum Nawa ladies club, said: "Our parlor is extremely busy and to show our appreciation we are also conducting a lucky draw for customers who use services of above SR100.
Millbury winning the Massachusetts slots parlor jackpot, in the mind of one Worcester politician, would be a miracle rivaling Boston College quarterback Doug Flutie's magical last-second game-winning touchdown pass against the University of Miami in 1984.
Three NYPD officers have pleaded not guilty to breaking into a Brooklyn massage parlor, ripping out a surveillance camera, and stealing a videotape.
The Tokyo High Court upheld the death sentence on a man Friday for killing two pachinko parlor employees in Gunma Prefecture in 2003.