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(US), parlor
1. Old-fashioned a living room, esp one kept tidy for the reception of visitors
2. a reception room in a priest's house, convent, etc.
3. Chiefly US, Canadian, and NZ a room or shop equipped as a place of business
4. Caribbean a small shop, esp one selling cakes and nonalcoholic drinks


A multipurpose room for sitting and formal entertainment, situated on the main floor of most dwellings.


1. In a house, a room primarily for entertaining and conversing with guests.
2. In a hotel, a room for receptions.
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They have it to say how even the calypsonian Mama Choonks hear what happen, and she writing a rapso about it, and boasting that she going to come in Road March Queen again this year, when she bust some style 'pon the crowd with she new tune "Workee in the Parlor.
With reductions in the police department during past years and the loss of more officers through attrition, the chief said he has concerns about policing the proposed slot parlor location with existing resources.
Receiving a $5 million valuation before launch is a tremendous vote of confidence, and it just goes to show the kind of game-changing technology and framework we've packed into Parlor," said Joel Schwartz, CEO of Parlor.
The Blue Ridge Pickin' Parlor, long considered the center of the Valley's thriving bluegrass and country music scene, was launched in Tarzana by Los Angeles police officer and bluegrass aficionado Ken Tennesen and his wife, Margo, in 1976.
Example 2: Walk-Through Flat Parlor in Old Barn and New Freestall Barn
The suspects have also admitted to killing Nemoto and another pachinko parlor worker, Makoto Ishibashi, 25, also from Gunma, whose body was found in the same river in April, they said.
Purveyors and consumers of parlor furnishings prized visual intricacy, "rich" and "polished" appearances, and the "softening" effects of upholstery - all deemed expressions of refinement.
During that testimony, roughly 40 people addressed the council, with all but three speaking in opposition to the slots parlor proposal.
In short, we're trying to put the voice back into social and business networking," said Joel Schwartz, CEO of Parlor.
Competition is intense in the ice cream parlor business, a field crowded with such boutique brands as Arizona-based Cold Stone Creamery, Ben & Jerry's and Maggie Moo's.
Pachinko'' game parlors have joined the growing World Cup fever in Japan by declaring a moratorium in opening new stores or adding new game machines for the duration of the monthlong soccer tournament.
Patrick said yesterday he is now willing to accept the licensing of one slot machine parlor as part of legislation to also license three large casinos around the state.