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(pərōl`), in criminal law, release from prison of a convict before the expiration of his term on condition that his activities be restricted and that he report regularly to an officer. The convict generally remains under sentence, and the restrictions (as of residence, occupation, type of associates) and the supervision are intended to prevent a relapse into crime. Any violation of parole may result in return to imprisonment. The procedure of parole is regulated by statute in the jurisdictions of the United States. It is less often administered directly by the executive than it is by a board or officer with the power to release a convict after he has served the minimum of an indeterminate sentencesentence,
in criminal law, punishment that a court orders, imposed on a person convicted of criminal activity. Sentences typically consist of fines, corporal punishment, imprisonment for varying periods including life, or capital punishment, and sometimes combine two or more
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. Parole is designed to give the prisoner a chance to readjust and to expedite the process of rehabilitation. In military law, a parole is the promise by a prisoner of war on being released from confinement that he will remain in a stipulated place, not attempt to escape, and not take up arms again in the current hostilities against the forces that captured him.


See studies by G. Cavender (1982) and H. E. Allen (1985).





the conditional release from punishment of convicted offenders before they have served the entire sentence set by the court. Under Soviet law, parole may be applied to persons sentenced to exile, banishment, deprivation of freedom, or correctional labor without deprivation of freedom. It may also be applied to persons serving conditional sentences of deprivation of freedom with certain obligatory work, to military personnel assigned to disciplinary battalions, and to persons conditionally released from deprivation of freedom with obligatory work on the condition that the convicted persons have shown by exemplary behavior and an honest attitude toward work that they have reformed. As a rule, parole may be applied only after half, two-thirds, or three-fourths of the term of punishment has been served. It is not applicable to particularly dangerous recidivists, persons convicted of especially dangerous crimes against the state, or persons convicted of intentional homicide with aggravating circumstances; neither can parole be applied in several other cases provided by law.

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