parotid glands

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parotid glands:

see salivary glandssalivary glands
, in humans, three pairs of glands that secrete the alkaline digestive fluid, saliva, into the mouth. Most animals have salivary glands that resemble those in humans; however, in some animals these glands perform other functions.
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Samples of the parotid gland from adult male specimens were used: Sprague Dawley rats (Rattus norvegicus) (n=5), mice (Mus musculus) (n=5) and rabbits (Oryctolagus cuniculuss) (n=5), which were euthanized with an overdose of ketamine/xylazine.
Parotid gland was the most commonly involved site 106 (67.94%) followed by submandibular gland 38 (24.35%) sublingual gland 1 (1.28%) and minor salivary glands in 5 (6.41%).
Mucus-producing adenopapillary (non-epidermoid) carcinoma of the parotid gland. Cancer 1971 Sep;28(3):676-685.
A contrast-enhanced computed tomography (CECT) scan revealed a cystic neoplasm of the left parotid gland (figure 1, arrows) and fine-needle aspiration cytology (FNAC) was inconclusive.
One hypothesis proposes that the tumor originates from heterotopic salivary parenchyma or ductal inclusions in the intra- and peri-glandular lymph nodes during the embryonic development of the parotid gland [5].
The specific activity of HEX in parotid glands of the control rats in the 2nd week of the experiment was significantly higher compared to submandibular glands of these rats, whereas in the group of diabetic rats in the 2nd week of the experiment, it was considerably lower in parotid glands than in submandibular glands.
Keywords: Magnetic resonance imaging, parotid glands, diffusion weighted imaging, apparent diffusion coefficient
The parotid glands, cochlea and optic apparatus were also contoured as critical structures since IMRT and VMAT is used and dose sparing may be possible.
Lipoma of salivary glands is quite rare with the highest frequency reported in parotid gland that presents normally adipose tissue.
Donath, "Bilateral dysgenetic polycystic parotid glands: morphological analysis and differential diagnosis of a rare disease of the salivary glands," Virchows Archiv A, vol.
However, the optimal cutoff value for parotid glands in our study (2.074 m/s) was lower than that in the study of Knopf et al.
Keywords: Cytomorphology, FNA, Hydatid Cyst, Parotid gland.