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town (1991 pop. 1,634), N N.S., Canada, a port on the north shore of Minas Basin of the Bay of Fundy. It is a local tourist center and an export point for lumber and plywood.
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(26, 27) Thomas and his family took up residence in Parrsboro, Nova Scotia.
I'm from Maine and spend 4-5 months each year here in Parrsboro and read the Halifax paper.
Matthew (1903) established the ichnogenus Megapezia for tracks from the Mississippian Horton Group of Parrsboro, Nova Scotia, Canada.
It is expected that grid-connected clean renewable electricity to the Nova Scotia Power Parrsboro substation would start flowing from the Force demonstration facility in the bay within two years.
Nova Scotia is now home to a UNESCO World Heritage Site at Joggins, and nearby at Parrsboro is the site of the oldest dinosaurs in Canada.
Phillip's surfaces in "Cape Breton"; the "palings" in the O'Toole's garden figure into "The Monument"; the "wonderful coffee and toasted rolls" that she enjoys at Brigus later appear in her Depression poem, "A Miracle for Breakfast." Bishop's description of outport "fish houses on stilts" creeps into "At the Fishhouses," a poem inspired by the sights and sounds of Ragged Islands in Nova Scotia and also from her memories of fishhouses along the Parrsboro shore road near Great Village; and her description of "paper roses" and "lonely little [outport] houses" anticipates the setting of "Roosters." Some of the other images that occur in her notes are "mackerel" and colours such as orange, red, green, and grey.
The necessary connection between mining and railway companies was formalized with the incorporation in 1872 of the Springhill and Parrsboro Coal and Rail Company Limited, with the first workings under this company producing coal in the fall of 1873 and shipping it to a connection with the Intercolonial Railway.
In 1983, Michael Fuller and I started what was to be another unlikely proposition--The Ship's Company Theatre in Parrsboro, Nova Scotia.
MAIDEN VOYAGES presents three playscripts of works developed by the Ship's Company Theatre, whose home is a ship in Parrsboro, Nova Scotia.
Set in Nova Scotia, Sisters was first performed at the Ship's Company Theatre in Parrsboro, Nova Scotia, in August 1989.