partial payment

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progress payment

A partial payment made during progress of the work, 1 on account of work completed and/or materials suitably stored.
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Under the Merger Agreement, the common stockholders of Two Harbors are entitled to receive a partial payment of the current quarter's dividend prior to the anticipated closing date of the Merger.
Kihara told the committee chaired by Kitui South MP Rachael Nyamai his office was not consulted further when the Ministry of Education and the National Land Commission processed the partial payment of Sh1.5 billion on January 29.
On May 21, Dana Gas said it received further $20 million as another partial payment of its outstanding receivables, two days after obtaining a $50 million tranche.
The textile exporters have claimed that the Federal government is making the partial payment of sales tax refunds against the Federal Finance Minister Ishaq Dar's announcement of full payment against the already issued Refund Payment Orders (RPOs).
Under the single payment coupon procedure, if a borrower made a partial payment and did not designate how to allocate the payment among all loans in the group, the bank allocated the payment evenly across all the borrower's outstanding student loans, according to the CFPB.
I took a personal loan from Emirates NBD in Ras Al Khaimah and I am not satisfied with the service, as the teller confirmed to me at the time that there is no provision of partial payment for the loan amount.
Swedish real estate company Fastighets AB Balder (STO: BALDB) has, as a partial payment for the sale of Tornet Landskrona, received 35% of Brinova Fastigheter AB and will together with Backahill AB become the main shareholder in a new company with focus on community properties and residentials, the company said.
Last partial payment received from PSM was in March 2015, SSGC said.
Ahmedabad, India, February 10, 2015 --( Recently, the leading Magento extensions developer MageDelight, based in Ahmedabad, India, launched their latest extension for Magento eCommerce stores called Partial Payment Magento Extension for the benefit of eCommerce merchants around the world.
Male Yahaira Rivera, 35, of Orlando, used some of those stolen funds to make a partial payment on a Porsche, federal prosecutors said.
Cermin wondered at first if the partial payment option in BucPay might encourage students to fall behind on their bills."But so far, students are actually beginning to make payments earlier, because they don't have to foot the whole bill at once," he says.
The NRAI's intervention had quelled the troublesome situation, with SAI assuring the coaches that this amount was just a partial payment and the rest of it will be given to them soon.

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