Partial Pressure

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partial pressure

[′pär·shəl ′presh·ər]
The pressure that would be exerted by one component of a mixture of gases if it were present alone in a container.

Partial Pressure


In a mixture of gases that occupies a certain volume, the partial pressure of each component gas is the pressure the gas would have if it alone occupied the same volume at the same temperature. Dalton’s law states that the total pressure of a mixture of gases is equal to the sum of the partial pressures of the mixture’s components. A gas’s partial pressure determines the course of the processes of diffusion, absorption, and solution of the gas, as well as of the distribution of the gas between two parts of a system where the parts are separated by a partition that is permeable to the gas.

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2] in the bag accumulates, and the partial pressure of carbon dioxide (PC[O.
The Tp of dawsonite moves toward the high temperature direction of the decomposition window of kerogen by increasing the partial pressure of C[O.
Table 5 shows the value of difference average of negative partial pressure of flow-in condition of installing deflector and closed aerator-relative to deflector with angle [phi] = 9 deg in percent.
2] partial pressure and PVA/PTFE containing 15 wt% of DEA and PVA/PTFE containing 35 wt% of MEA were selected as the most favorable membranes.
Another salient feature is decompression optimisation, a unique advantage of electronic closed-circuit rebreathers as it maintains a constant partial pressure of oxygen in the breathing gas in contrast to semi-closed rebreathers that maintain a constant amount of oxygen.
A detailed characterization of the plasma is desirable in many applications where the diagnostics of temperature and partial pressure is an inevitable precondition.
Phasein manufactures ultra-compact mainstream and sidestream capnography, multi-gas analyzers, and handheld solutions for capnometry--the monitoring of the concentration or partial pressure of carbon dioxide (C[O.
But it is possible that women with more severe congenital heart disease would not tolerate a lower partial pressure of oxygen in our environment, and there were some women who were advised to deliver at lower altitudes because of this.
The driving force for water vapor to transport from one side of the membrane to the other side relies mainly on the water vapor partial pressure difference between the two gas streams.
For oxygen, the NeoFox Phase Fluorometer measures the partial pressure of dissolved or gaseous oxygen; for pH, a miniature fibre optic spectrometer measures the colorimetric (absorbance) response of the pH dye.

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